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CNN: FBI Has Info Connecting Trump Associates With Suspected Russian Operatives To Sabotage Hillary

By  Ben

On Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) dropped a quasi-bombshell when he announced that the Obama administration intelligence community had “incidentally” collected information on members of the Trump transition team; this lead Trump’s allies to wildly overstate Trump’s case, echoing Trump’s suggestion that Obama did indeed wiretap Trump. In reality, Nunes essentially echoed what we already knew, but extended it forward in time: the intelligence community was wiretapping foreign targets and caught up Trump associates in those wiretaps. But Trump immediately retweeted the estimable Bill Mitchell, who tweeted out a link from the estimable Gateway Pundit proclaiming that TRUMP WAS RIGHT.

Meanwhile, on the Left, a parallel overstatement quickly took center stage. CNN reported that the FBI had information leaving open the possibility of campaign coordination between “associates of President Donald Trump” and “suspected Russian operatives.” Here’s CNN:

Ben Shapiro

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