CNN Celebrated New York Post’s False Story Embarrassment. Here’s A List Of False Stories They’ve Pushed Themselves
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CNN was ecstatic that, this time, it was someone else called out over a fake news story.

Last week, the New York Post reported that copies of Vice President Kamala Harris’ children’s book, “Superheroes Are Everywhere,” were distributed at migrant detention centers at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, where children are being held due to the ongoing crisis on the U.S. Southern Border. The story turned out to be false, with the only book photographed being a single donated copy. The Post temporarily deleted this article — which was their cover story — and later republished an edited version of the article.

CNN took a victory lap over the mistake in an article posted last Wednesday, repeatedly using the word “baseless” to describe the premise of the NY Post’s piece. The article was written by CNN’s fact-checker Daniel Dale, who was hailed as a fact-checking visionary during the Trump administration, only to disappear once President Joe Biden was inaugurated.

Yes, the Post got something wrong, to the delight of various Left-wing media outlets.

However, the Post’s undeniable error in judgment pales in comparison to the mistakes outlets, particularly CNN, have made in the past four years. CNN alone embraced nearly every claim made about Trump’s campaign and supposed “collusion” with Russia in their attempt to “steal” the 2016 election. As Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report showed, these claims were baseless.

Here are just a few of these major blunders:

Donald Trump Jr.’s Alleged Early Access to Wikileaks Documents

A CNN “exclusive” involved an email allegedly sent to Trump’s son, Don Jr., including a link to leaked documents from Wikileaks several days before those documents were made public.

In reality, the email was sent to Don Jr. after Wikileaks had already published the documents. CNN now pretends the story never happened, and even asked YouTube to remove videos of their news hosts discussing it.

Anthony Scaramucci’s Alleged Involvement with a Russian Hedge Fund

CNN also published a story claiming then-Trump aide Anthony Scaramucci was involved with a Russian hedge fund that was under Senate investigation. However, the story was fake, and Scaramucci was not involved with the hedge fund in question.

CNN was compelled to retract the story and force out the three reporters who published it. We later learned CNN retracted the story because it faced a $100 million libel suit.

Michael Cohen Was Going To Testify Against Trump

CNN claimed in 2018 that former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen was going to tell Mueller that Trump knew in advance about the infamous Trump Tower meeting in which members of the Trump family and campaign met with members of opposition firm, Fusion GPS, pretending to have damaging information regarding Hillary Clinton.

The meeting has been used as “proof” that the Trump campaign at least tried to collude with Russia, but could also more accurately be described as attempted entrapment. Cohen’s testimony didn’t unveil CNN’s predicted bombshell, and the network even lied about its source for the article.


It should also be remembered that CNN helped kick off the massive, two-year failure of coverage regarding Trump and Russia by reporting the existence of a dossier that turned out to be full of misinformation and rumors but was paid for in part by the Clinton campaign.

Notice that these false stories aren’t just about the source of a book at a detention center. Instead, they arguably actively contributed to the spread of election-related disinformation.

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