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CNN Analyst Joe Lockhart Rips Dr. Birx For Shredding Alarmist Theories: She’s A ‘Stepford Doc’
White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator, Dr. Deborah Birx, speaks during the daily briefing on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, at the White House on March 19, 2020, in Washington, DC.

Dr. Deborah Birx is about to learn what happens to people when they go against the media’s narrative.

On Thursday, Dr. Birx instilled hope in the American people when she shredded some of the alarmist models being cited in the media, particularly, the  Imperial College London Model that dramatically decreased its predicted number of COVID-19 cases from 500,000 to 20,000.

“I am sure many ever you saw the recent report out of the U.K. about them adjusting completely their needs,” she said. “This is really quite important. If you remember that was the report that said there would be 500,000 deaths in the U.K. and 2.2 million deaths in the United States. They’ve adjusted that number in the U.K. to 20,000. So, half a million to 20,000. We are looking into this in great details to understand that adjustment.”

“Models are models,” she later said. “There is enough data now of the real experience with the Coronavirus on the ground to really make these predictions much more sound. So, when people start talking about 20% of a population getting infected. It’s very scary, but we don’t have data that matches that based on the experience.”

In a series of tweets on Thursday, CNN analyst Joe Lockhart accused Dr. Birx, whose name he mistakenly spelled as Birk, of drinking the Trump “Kool-Aid.”

“Dr. Birk has drunk the Kool-Aid,” tweeted Lockhart.

“How do you think the er docs and nurses in NYC feel about getting a lecture from Dr/ Birk about how irresponsible they are to be crying for help? They are putting their lives on the line, who the hell are you to lecture them,” he continued.

“I suggest Dr. Birk visit a hospital in NYC and then come back and brief on what she saw. I think it will be a very different briefing than we saw today. If she tells the truth which people around Trump don’t do very often,” he later added.

Joe Lockhart was referring to Dr. Birx’s comment (whose name he routinely misspelled) regarding the number of ventilators and ICU beds in New York:

We were reassured after meeting with colleagues in New York there are still ICU beds remaining and there’s still significant, over a thousand or 2,000 ventilators that have not been used yet. Please for the reassurance of people around the world, to wake up this morning and look at people talking about creating DNR situations, do not resuscitate situations for patients, there is no situation in the United States right now that warrants that kind of discussion. You could be thinking about it in a hospital, certainly many hospitals talk about it this on a daily basis. But to say that to the American people, to make the implication, that when they need a hospital bed it’s not going be there or when they need that ventilator it won’t be there, we don’t have evidence of that right now.

On Friday, Lockart employed his own brand of sexism by referring to Dr. Birx, whose name he still misspelled, as an unthinking “Stepford Doc.”

“I, for one, am no longer interested in hearing from Dr. Brix. Her vouching for Trump’s vast scientific abilities from his business background was the breaking point. Stepford Doc,” he tweeted.

It should be noted that this “Stepford Doc” who drinks Trump Kool-Aid over science previously served as President Obama’s U.S. Global Aids Coordinator.


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