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CLASSY: Drunk Don Lemon Takes Shots, Gets Ear Pierced Live on CNN

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

So, Don Lemon had a fun New Year’s Eve.

Broadcasting live for CNN on Saturday night, left-wing Lemon found himself reporting from famous New Orleans bar The Spotted Cat alongside his colleague Brooke Baldwin. Letting loose, Lemon knocked back shots of tequila, got his ear pierced, contemplated his self-diagnosed egomaniacal behavior, bragged about being “lit” and pouted over the presidential election of Republican Donald Trump.

To put Lemon’s on-air shenanigans into perspective, the host made Kathy-freaking-Griffin look reserved. That’d be the lady who screams “Nipple! Nipple! Nipple! Nipple!” during this very broadcast.

At one point, Lemon mulls over the most vital question of the night: Does Lemon get an on-air piercing or tattoo? This question quickly rolls into a new vital question, thanks to Griffin: Does Lemon get an ear or nipple piercing?

The nipple lost.

“If this hurts, I’m going to be so mad,” says Lemon, promptly after downing a shot of tequila.

Making the assumption that her inebriated co-host’s mother is watching the broadcast, Baldwin intones: “Momma Lemon, I don’t know what he’s thinking. At least it’s just his ear, you know what I’m saying?”

As the host’s ear is being pierced by a tattooed man on live air, Lemon worries aloud that he might get blood on his jacket. “It has to go back to Brooks Brothers!” he shrieks mid-pierce.


Later in the broadcast, the duo had a discussion about New Year’s resolutions. Lemon claimed he doesn’t believe in resolutions per se, as he “lives life to the fullest,” but said he would like to be less “self-centered” in 2017 and try to pursue a relationship.

After a drunken quasi-marriage proposal to Baldwin, Lemon brags about being “lit,” or, in other words, being intoxicated out of his mind.

“People are saying that I’m lit,” said the CNN host. “Yeah, I’m lit. Who cares?”

Another proud moment for CNN.

In the midst of the crazy, Baldwin makes a reference to Lemon’s earlier complaint about what a terrible year 2016 has been. Lemon apparently expressed interest in getting a tattoo of something involving President-elect Trump on his…manhood? We think.


The Baldwin-Lemon segment officially ends with CNN smartening up long enough to cut off Lemon’s mic and end the segment. The New York Post reports:

As the bands started to play “Auld Lang Syne,” the cameras cut away to celebrating crowds and fireworks bursting in air – but the sounds of clinking glasses could still be heard.

“Happy New Year!” Lemon could be heard saying. “Oh my God! I need a little more — pour me a little more, a little more. Perfect. That had a big head on it. I can’t hear a damn thing. So, 2016 was awful…”

Suddenly, the sound went out and the raucous Big Easy crowds went silent. And when the audio was restored, Lemon and Baldwin were gone.

Last year, insufferable feminist and alleged comedian Kathy Griffin stripped naked alongside host Anderson Cooper during the CNN New Year’s Eve broadcast.

CNN, always keepin’ it classy.

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