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The Circle Completes: CNN Publishes Defense Of ESPN’s Robert Lee Debacle

By now you have all heard the story that because leftwing ESPN has lost all touch with sports fans and reality, because ESPN has devolved from an over-caffeinated sports network into a relentlessly obnoxious, virtue-signaling social justice network, an Asian broadcaster named Robert Lee was taken off the air because of Robert E. Lee, the famous Confederate general.

Apparently an Asian guy named Lee, Robert, might have triggered the triggerables triggers and, well, no wonder ESPN is losing viewers like CNN would if CNN actually had viewers.

Anyway, as is always the case when anything or anyone among the Left does something as breathtakingly stupid as this, the madness is never over until someone else on the Left defends it. Think about it. No matter how dumb, how insulting, how evil, violent or racist, no matter how utterly insane or un-American, the circle of such a thing is never complete until an establishment media outlet publishes a hot take explaining why it really is okay.

Based on its recent fascist, pro-violent, pro-Satan screeds, my money was on The Washington Post stepping up to the plate. My second choice, however, would have been CNN and, well, hereyougo …

Why ESPN and Robert Lee Are Right

Brace yourselves for the dumb …

In the testosterone-laced world of sports, sometimes your name means everything. Think not? I’ve seen men beaten by mobs just for having the gall to scream out “let’s go Cowboys” at an Eagles game. Think of all the racial epithets we’ve heard, of how one football player, Colin Kaepernick, silently taking a knee during the national anthem in personal protest of injustice in America has divided the nation.

We want to pretend that sports are a safe sanctuary from the world’s ugly problems, but that has always been a farce. Truth is, not even the glorious game of football can keep America’s toxic culture of bigotry, hate and violence at bay. It’s just too heavy a burden.

So imagine if you’re scheduled to be the announcer for ESPN’s livestream of the University of Virginia’s season-opener football game against William and Mary in a few weeks and your name is Robert Lee.

The piece actually closes with this …

As one ESPN executive told me Wednesday: “Let’s not go to the zoo if we don’t have to go to the zoo.” Good call. Life is crazy enough already.

What zoo? What are these lunatics talking about? Who exactly is going to see a young Asian man standing over a chyron that reads Robert Lee and … … … That’s the other thing. What do these functional stupes think is going to happen if even one moron is triggered? Is ESPN trying to save a basement television from having a water bong thrown at it?

Other than the fear of memes and jokes, which were assured forever when ESPN pulled poor Mr. Lee, this brainless CNN contributor never once tells us what she believes might have happened had Mr. Lee been allowed to do his job. Nor does she point out that ESPN’s insanity injected those memes with steroids. Instead, she merely uses her hot take-headline as a means to relitigate her endless list of racial grievances.

The good news is that the circle is finally complete, the moronosity has exhausted itself, and other then ESPN losing even more viewers over it, the Robert Lee Affair, as it is now called, is just another example on a growing pile labeled Why Trump Won.

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