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Chuck Schumer Says Refusal to Back Garland Ties Republicans to Trump

After a meeting last week with President Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nomination, Merrick Garland, Senator Chuck Schumer (NY-D) made a slimy attempt to manipulate Republicans by saying their refusal to “do their job” by supporting the Democratic court judge “ties them to Trump in a way they cannot untangle.”

Schumer announced:

If Republicans continue to stand in the way and refuse to do their job, it will only be because they want Donald Trump to pick the nominee. Occasionally, Republicans may try to distance themselves from him with their words. But their failure to do their job and give Judge Garland the consideration he deserves ties them to trump in a way they cannot untangle.

The New York senator scoffed at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his hesitation to move forward with a Garland endorsement, saying he is sure the GOP’s refusal to support the nomination will eventually die down and Garland will win.

“As this process moves forward, Sen. McConnell is going to find himself increasingly isolated in his obstruction,” he told reporters. “Ironically, the only two people he’s going to have in his corner are going to be Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.”

McConnell defended his position to Fox News on Sunday by pointing out the majority of Republicans are opposed to a Garland nomination, including major conservative base groups such as the National Rifle Association and the Federation of Independent Business. McConnell expressed certainty that Schumer’s predictions will not prove to be true:

I can’t imagine that a Republican majority in the United States Senate would want to confirm in a lame duck session a nominee opposed by the National Rifle Association, the National Federation of Independent Business that represents small businesses—that have never taken a position on the Supreme Court appointment before—they’re opposed to this guy. I can’t imagine that a Republican majority Senate even if it were assumed to be a minority, would want to confirm a judge that would move the court dramatically to the left. That’s not going to happen.

Senator Ted Cruz (TX-R) commended McConnell last week for blocking the vote to approve Garland and pointed out that Garland would push a leftist vote on critical issues in backing Obama.

“Make no mistake, if Garland were confirmed, he would side predictably with President Obama on critical issues such as undermining the Second Amendment, legalizing partial-birth abortion, and propping up overreaching bureaucratic agencies like the EPA and the IRS,” Cruz said in his Houston address last week. “We cannot afford to lose the Supreme Court for generations to come by nominating or confirming someone that a dealmaker like Donald Trump would support.”

Schumer continued to use Trump as a manipulative slam at Republican opposition, insisting that their refusal to back Garland will result in a Republican House minority. The Democratic Majority Hopeful concluded smugly, “If the Republicans in the Senate want to continue to tie themselves to Donald Trump, so be it. Donald Trump won’t make America great again, but he will make the Republicans the minority again.”

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