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Chris Rock: Biden Should Create A ‘Supreme Court Of Science’ To Decide Public Health Issues
Actor/comedian Chris Rock speaks with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and actress Rosie Perez during a press briefing on COVID-19 at Madison Boys and Girls Club in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on May 28, 2020.
ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Actor Chris Rock believes that Joe Biden would do the world a favor if he created a “Supreme Court of Science” to decide matters related to public health and the environment.

Speaking with Deadline about his season of FX’s “Fargo,” Rock said that scientific and environmental issues should be free of politics.

“I would hope that Mr. Biden institutes some scientific department — like, the Supreme Court of Science, just for the lack of a better name — that would be in charge of anything medical or environmental,” Rock said. “Basically, I would hope that the government instills a mechanism, so that if there’s ever anything environmental or medical, this mechanism would take over — thus, eliminating politics out of a life-and-death situation.”

Chris Rock then compared President Trump to a whitehat hacker that security experts hire to find cracks in a system, hoping that the crack can be repaired.

“Because we didn’t just experience a pandemic. You know, Donald Trump did this thing… Like, when security companies build new locks or security systems, they hire crooks to show you the weaknesses of the system. Well, Donald Trump showed us the weakness of our government,” he said. “Now, it’s up to Joe Biden and Congress and the Senate to get rid of those weaknesses — to instill safeguards that actually protect us from unqualified mad men and mad women, so that we never have to be at the mercy of a person that does not exhibit empathy and competence.”

Though Rock is optimistic about a Biden presidency, he admitted to not “jumping for joy” at the prospect of his election.

“I don’t know. When Biden won, I wasn’t jumping for joy. I was like Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away’; I just wanted to hug Helen Hunt. You know, he’s not jumping for joy when he sees the ship. He’s just like, ‘Where’s Helen Hunt, man? I’ve been eating coconuts for years. Can I just f***ing hold Helen Hunt?’”

“How do I feel? I mean, I’m kind of optimistic. I just hope that all that’s happened, that this whole year was not in vain, and that people and the government doesn’t just go back to business as usual,” he continued.

Chris Rock then likened the pandemic to a 9/11 every day, failing to differentiate between an act of nature and a terrorist act of humanity.

“Like, basically, there’s a 9/11 everyday. 3,000 people died in 9/11. Somehow, we got the Department of Homeland Security, and no one questioned that. But now, we have a situation where, whatever — 300,000, a half-a-million people are going to die,” he said. “Right? So, what I hope is that we do something.”

During the same interview, Chris Rock said that the pandemic forced him to look inward during his free time, and to think about how to relate with his teenage daughters.

“You know, with this pandemic, it’s like, what are you going to do with this free time? I wanted to make the most of the free time, and I just thought working on me would be the best use of it, especially having teenage daughters,” he said. “Anybody that has teenagers will tell you, you’re going to lose them at some point. It’s going to be hard at some point. So, you know, I went through some stuff with my kids, and you learn it’s not just about lashing out. It’s about looking in.”

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