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Chinese Factory Creating ‘Smart’ Sexbots

By  Paul Bois

A company in China is seeking to revolutionize the booming sexbot trade by making their silicone companions have conversations and even do household chores.

Located in the northeastern city of Dalian, the company EXDOLL creates 400 sex dolls per month. When the company started in 2009, it created only 10 per month. In 2016, the company expanded into the sexbot trade and now employs 120 people.

According to The Sun, “EXDOLL has ambitions to apply artificial intelligence to make dolls so lifelike that they could cure loneliness among the country’s huge singletons population.”

Due to China’s crippling one-child policy that favors male births over females, there are 33.6 million more men than women in the country. EXDOLL hopes their advancements will curtail the loneliness and frustration among these men. Marketing director Wu Xingliang believes this goal is attainable.

“China has a shortage of women, and this is a factor in why there’s this demand, but they’re not just for sex,” he said.

The proposed sexbots will be able to have conversations with their male counterparts and even do some household chores. By next year, EXDOLL plans to roll out a whole assembly line of these “smart” sexbots with “artificial intelligence technology, complex facial expressions and body movements, voice recognition systems and eyes that can follow people’s movements.”

Chief development officer Qiao Wu plans to create the most beautiful and most life-like sexbot ever assembled.

“There are already good robot technologies developed, so we want to concentrate on having a robot with the most beautiful face, and the hottest body,” he said.

Speaking with The Sun, one of the robots, named Xiaodie, demonstrated the types of conversations that can be had.

“What is your name?” asked The Sun.

“My name is Xiaodie but you can also call me baby,” the sexbot replied. “But if I’m not happy I won’t answer.”

The bot can be fitted with a wifi function that can respond to voice commands.

Since sexbots are poised to become another cultural plague worse than porn, polls are now being conducted to see where the public’s sensibilities lie regarding the use. It turns out that many people in Britain — roughly 36% — have no trouble with the idea of getting it on with robots. This applies more to men than women, with two-thirds supporting the practice.

According to a report in Metro, a significantly high number of Brits say that sex with a robot would not be cheating.

“The NOW TV survey reveals that 40% of British people would not consider having sex with a robot cheating,” reports Metro, and if that’s not bad enough, “39% of British people think that by 2050, we’ll regularly be having relationships with robots instead of each other.”

In 2017, Germany also opened the first ever sex doll brothel.

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