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Chelsea Handler Working On ‘Funny’ Netflix Series About White Privilege

Chelsea Handler’s previous show on Netflix may have been canceled, but she’ll be returning soon enough by amping the social justice up to 11 in a show about white privilege.

Speaking with BuzzFeed this past Sunday, the woke comedienne and notorious feminist said she is both writing a book and working on a new Netflix series about the most important of subjects: white people. She obviously did not get the memo titled “Dear White People.”

“I intend for it to be very funny and I intend to hang myself out to dry,” she said of the show. “I’m a perfect example of the American dream, if you’re white and borderline pretty.”

The move comes less than a year after Handler announced her departure from the show “Chelsea” to focus on political activism. She has since spent her time “speaking at universities and teaming up with EMILY’s List to support getting more Democratic women who are pro-abortion rights into office,” according to TheWrap.

Handler told BuzzFeed she feels that the time for discussing white privilege has come in the age of Trump.

“Obama was elected and I was under the notion [that] racism is over in this country,” Handler said. “We’ve got a black president, this is going to be awesome. The backlash from having a black president and watching this racism … is disgusting.”

The comedienne does credit President Trump for one thing: sparking the Time’s Up and #MeToo movement, which she feels would not have happened under Hillary.

“I think that we all realize what’s at stake and so people are really willing to stick their necks out and fight,” Handler said. “It’s not just about fighting for yourself it’s about fighting for other people who don’t have the platforms to fight for themselves.”

Handler fails to realize that the man who sparked the #MeToo movement — Harvey Weinstein — was an avid friend and supporter of Hillary Clinton.