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Charlie Sheen Begs God to Kill Trump and Gives Us Reason #11,432 to Hate the Media

The ever-mercurial Charlie Sheen took to Twitter Wednesday to make a public plea to God to strike President-elect Donald Trump dead. In the wake of the shocking deaths of Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds, Sheen tweeted, “Dear God; Trump next, please!” After repeating this plea 5 times, Sheen closed with an emoji that flipped the world the middle finger.

And this is just the latest item on a long list of offenses our national media is showing little to no outrage towards. On top of Sheen, there is the café owner in Hawaii who refuses to serve Trump supporters, the college professor, who along with his husband, harassed Ivanka Trump and her small children on a Christmas Eve flight, the moron who canceled a party out of fear Trump supporters might show up and enjoy themselves, a dozen or so phony hate crimes committed to smear Trump and his supporters, the verbal harassment of a Muslim Trump supporter, and numerous Hollywood-types who refuse to bake a cake perform at Trump’s inauguration celebration.

Returning to Sheen, so what? Personally, I do not care about tasteless jokes, even if they are directed at My President. As I have mentioned before, people’s lives and careers should not be destroyed over jokes or even a momentary lapse of decorum, and that includes the two idiots who harassed Ivanka.

Regardless of which side of the aisle they hail from, these social media death squads give me the creeps.

What is notable, though, is a national media that assures and reassures us they are objective and unbiased guardians of truth and norms, and yet… where is the 24/7 cable news sh*tstorm over what, just 6 weeks ago, this very same media would have rampaged against in defense of their precious Obama?

Let me return to my favorite example, nobody GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten who, in 2014, and on her own personal Facebook page, wrote the following nothingburger about President Obama’s daughters:

Dear Sasha and Malia, I get you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re part of the First Family, try showing a little class. Rise to the occasion. Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar.

Two weeks later, Lauten’s life and career was in tatters, thanks only to a venomous, drunk-on-their-own-McCarthyite-power mainstream media that refused to let the story go. The Washington Post attacked Lauten in no fewer than a dozen headlines, CNN and MSNBC chewed her up in ways they never would an Islamic terrorist, and in the end they got their scalp. Lauten quit her job and scurried away a public pariah.

For my money, Sheen is doing what artists do … pushing boundaries, doing what he is not supposed to do, and while I would never wish anyone dead, I like living in a country where such belligerence is allowed.

What I cannot abide, though, and the polls show that much of the public agree, is a bullying, dishonest, and hypocritical national political media that puffs itself up as objective, and then goes on to personally destroy anyone who dares color outside the lines when it comes to Obama. But when much worse is done to or said about Trump and his family, the very same media that gleefully annihilated Elizabeth Lauten, that treated peaceful Tea Partiers like terrorists, that blasted all opposition to the Precious as racist — they treat the public like we are jerks, like we are mental patients misremembering all of that.

Sure, the media dutifully reports these offenses against Trump. They always put themselves on record. And then it is left to die slowly in the sun. Things are so bad, the public is so aware of our media’s corruption, you no longer even need to say, “What if James Woods tweeted this plea about Obama?” or “What if a Liberty University professor harassed Chelsea or verbally abused a Muslim Obama supporter?”

This is not how an unbiased, objective, professional media only interested in protecting norms acts.

While Sheen is simply behaving as a free man in America, our media is behaving like what they are: a bullying gang of bloodless, partisan, corporate fascists disguised as journalists.

And they can all burn in hell.

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