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Celebrities Call To Boycott Tiny Island Bermuda For Protecting Traditional Marriage

By  Paul Bois

Limousine liberals from Hollywood plan to boycott Bermuda, that tiny island in the middle of the North Atlantic with a black majority, because those backward-thinking rubes had the temerity to declare that only a man and woman can marry each other.

According to HuffPost, the island Bermuda overturned a law passed last year that redefined marriage to include same-sex couples, prompting outrage from the Hollywood community.

“Same-sex couples have until the end of May to wed there before the new measure goes into effect,” reports HuffPost. “The self-governing British territory became the first to reverse its stance on the issue, according to GLAAD, as countries increasingly move to legalize marriage between people of any gender.”

Celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, singing-duo Tegan & Sara, and Patricia Arquette have announced they will no longer be spending their dollars on the tiny island, which is 54% black, until they overturn their bigotry:

Similar to the United States, Bermuda never democratically elected to redefine marriage. Instead, it was pushed by judicial fiat in Bermuda’s Supreme Court, which ruled in May 2017 that denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples was discriminatory. In response, legislators created the Domestic Partnership Act, which “allows same-sex couples to form domestic partnerships, not marriages, and claims to offer such partnerships equal rights.”

GLAAD has called on tourism businesses to boycott and stand up against the tiny island.

“These brands and their business leaders should demonstrate true leadership and stand for those customers they’ve courted by helping to combat this harmful decision,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement.

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