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CBS Muslim Panel Accidentally Includes Professional Leftist Obama Operative

CBS’s Frank Luntz sought to gauge the attitudes of an ostensibly ordinary panel of Muslims in America towards Donald Trump. Undeclared to the audience, however, is a professional left-wing agitator seated in the front row who is an alumnus of the Obama Administration.

Linda Sarsour, an anti-American hater of Israel, Islamic supremacist, and regular commentator on left-wing media, was not identified as such when offering her views on Trump. Rather, she was presented as an ordinary Muslim in America.

Sarsour warned of psychological damage to Muslim children who hear Donald Trump’s words, saying, “I actually did a call out to Muslim parents across the country, to not watch the Republican debate in front of their children, because I knew that subjecting our children to hear the hateful stereotyping and the lumping of Muslims with terrorism in front of our children is actually something that is psychologically impacts them. So, that’s how deep this is for us.”

“He’s driving and fueling anger amongst Americans and abroad.”

Muslim panelist

“I don’t want my children to be subjected to racism and the vilification of their faith. I will explain to my kids in my own way, in the way that I can speak to them, and I will not allow Donald Trump to tell my kids how they should feel about being Muslim,” Sarsour added, when asked by an acquiescent Luntz about introducing Muslim children to the “challenges” they face as a result of Trump’s political ascendance.

During Saturday’s ABC-hosted Democratic debate, Martin O’Malley expressed a similar sentiment of Trump’s alleged harmful effects on Muslim children. O’Malley stated that a friend of his—a “proud Muslim” doctor—relayed the fears of his ten and twelve-year-old sons over Trump.

Recently, Sarsour joined MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry in lamenting the media’s displaying of images of Tashfeen Malik—the female half of the Islamic terrorist mass murdering couple in San Bernardino—in a hijab. Sarsour also recently condemned President Obama’s call for the Muslim community to help root out Islamic extremism.

One Muslim panelist warned that Trump’s statements would inspire mass murder and Islamic terrorism from Muslims.

“If Trump keeps doing what he’s doing, and he’s elected President, that number (of Muslims in America who might commit Islamic terrorist attacks), whatever it may be, will skyrocket,” said an unidentified Muslim man on the panel. Other panelists expressed disagreement, recognizing how this statement ran contrary to the narrative they were trying to sell of Muslims in America.

“He’s driving and fueling anger amongst Americans and abroad,” the man added, doubling down on his thinly-veiled threat towards Trump and attempt to exploit the heckler’s veto.

Luntz neglected to ask the panel any questions about efforts to combat Islamic terrorism among Muslims, a subject Sarsour openly resents.

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