CBS Anchor Muses If Famed Walgreens Shoplifter Is ‘Probably Getting Something You Need,’ ‘An Act Of Desperation’
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On Tuesday, the shoplifting epidemic in San Francisco took center stage in the national conversation after a video went viral showing a shoplifter at one of the city’s Walgreens stealing various items off the shelf while a security guard and other customers helplessly watched the theft in progress.

“A reporter with San Francisco’s ABC affiliated posted the video to Twitter, tagging the city’s progressive district attorney, Chesa Boudin, whose office has shifted focus from petty crime to focus ‘only on stopping serious, repeat offenders, especially violent ones,’ according to an interview a deputy district attorney did with the Davis Vanguard, a news outlet near San Francisco,” The Daily Wire reported. “The video is also tagged, ‘No Consequences.'”

During a segment on CBS “This Morning” on Wednesday, anchor Tony Dokoupil mused that perhaps the shoplifter was just in the throes of desperation and was stealing something of importance.

“So crime is never justified, of course,” said Dokoupil.

“That reads as an act of desperation. You’re not getting rich off what you take from a Walgreens. You’re getting probably something you need. I don’t know the details of that particular case,” he later added after his colleagues discussed the extent of the security guard’s responsibility.

Even Dokoupil’s colleagues were not exactly convinced of the thief’s desperation, given what he was stealing.

“I mean, a bag full, they look like hair products,” said Vlad Duthiers. “Which are valuable. He’s filling his bag. In New York City I’ve mostly seen off-duty New York City police officers in Walgreens and CVS. Probably bigger deterrents than security.”

As The Daily Wire reported, shoplifting has skyrocketed in San Francisco, forcing many stores to close:

Shoplifting has become so rampant in San Francisco that retailers are closing stores.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported earlier this month that stores like Walgreens and CVS are closing locations in the city due to “out of control” shoplifting. The outlet spoke to 77-year-old John Susoeff, who used to pick up his prescriptions at a Walgreens two blocks from his home until it closed in March. Now he has to walk six blocks to the next nearest pharmacy. Susoeff sometimes requires a cane to walk, and also picks up prescriptions for his neighbors who have mobility issues.

As stores take better security measures, liberals have been defending shoplifters as desperate people in search of necessary items.

“The CVS on my corner has started locking up basic items like clothing detergent. As so many families can’t make ends meet right now, I can’t imagine thinking that the way to solve the problem of people stealing basic necessities out of desperation is to prosecute them,” tweeted “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon last month.

On Tuesday, Aubrey O’Day of the pop group Danity Kane said the Walgreens shoplifter was in the throes of desperation.

“New Walgreens CEO got a 25 mil bonus, the company isn’t hurting. This likely happened bc this man can’t afford basic necessities for his family. & go read a security cop manual, he did what it instructs..if his family lost him today you’d be over there filing your nails, so hush,” she tweeted.

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