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Captain America Wants Don Lemon To Run For President

By  John Nolte

Chris Evans should win all the Academy Awards. All. Of. Them. He is obviously an extraordinarily gifted actor, someone who can completely shed his own skin and convincingly become someone else; in other words, become someone who is nothing like him. He is Brando, Clift, Hepburn and all the Fondas rolled into one.

How else do you explain his ability to play Captain America so well in the Marvel Universe? His Captain America is everything Chris Evans is not — a masculine non-neurotic, who is equal parts humble, confident, intelligent and funny. On the flipside, Evans himself is a virtue-signaling, metrosexual, feminist, daffodil-snowflake who gets so angry over social injustice you just know that he sometimes “literally shakes.”

And now Evans wants CNN’s Don Lemon — DON LEMON! — to run for president in 2020:

Chris Evans isn’t asking Don Lemon to run for president of the Criers Club or the Liars Club or the Fake News Club or the Send A Mob To The Wrong Guy’s House Club or the Everything Is About Don Lemon Club or the I Know Nothing About Guns Club or the Anti-Christian Club … no, Chris Evans wants Don Lemon to run for President of the United States against Donald Trump.

Can you imagine?

That would be the most amazing thing ever. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, that in their first debate, Trump could make Lemon both cry and wet himself.

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