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Candidate Caught Selling Her Panties Online May Drop Out Of Race

By  Joseph Curl

We’ve heard about airing one’s dirty laundry, but this is ridiculous!

A candidate in Wyoming is considering dropping out of the race after it was discovered that she sold her used panties on a website catering to fetishists.

Deborah Reno, a candidate for city council in Evanston, Wyoming, works as a massage therapist and yoga instructor, but she also “worked on a side hustle under the name Mystee Crockett,” reported KUTV. “She’s seen stripteasing in videos and has an online storefront that caters to “used panty buyers.” She’s also sold “’dirty gym shorts’ for $20 plus shipping.”

Reno said she had been on the website for about a year and weighed that gig when she was mulling a run for the city council. “We also talked when I decided to run for city council about possible ramifications if that were to be discovered by the community,” she said.

Reno said the venture started as an “interesting experience” but now calls it “an error in judgment” that overshadows her service to the community. She received the second-highest number of votes in the primary featuring five candidates.

“There isn’t really any amount of money that would be worth what this is going to do to my family,” Reno said.

She said she has deleted all accounts associated with her racier identity.

“It doesn’t change the nature of who I am,” Reno said, “but when people know your deepest, darkest secrets, they tend to look at you quite differently.”

Reno is running against Mikal Welling in the November election for the seat in Evanston, a city with about 13,000 residents some 80 miles northeast of Salt Lake City. Her opponent released a statement about the discovery:

“I was made aware of this late yesterday afternoon and think this is very unfortunate and so against my own personal moral code and standards. I have not confirmed nor do I plan on confirming these allegations against my opponent. I am going to continue to focus on the issues that are facing this great city and running my campaign to be elected to the city Council of Evanston,” Welling said.

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