Candace Recaps The Big Night, Explains Why She Fights, And Thanks Her Supporters 


Happy Thursday everyone. Last night we premiered “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold“— my documentary exploring the Black Lives Matter movement, and it couldn’t have gone off more perfectly. 

I’m just so grateful for all of you who tuned in live and for those of you who I know will watch when you can.

So the premiere went off without a hitch. It was absolutely amazing. It was great to have all of my friends be a part of it. We had Kanye West, Kid Rock, Brittney and Jason Aldean, and Ray J. in attendance. We had so many culture warriors and more supporting me, my family, and our fight.

I am so thankful that I continually have an audience of people who listen to and support me, who respond to me, who give me good feedback, who allow me to grow, and who understand this most important mission for the future — a future which we need to determine for the sake of our children.

And it’s the reason I fight.

I’d like to share an adapted version of the speech I said last night:

Candace’s Speech:

Thank you so much. I’m honored to be here. I am honored to be able to speak out and eulogize the Black Lives Matter movement, the life and the death of an organization that tore this country apart.

What can we say about Black Lives Matter?

Well, the first thing that I would say is that we all know that it has been a scam. It has been a scam that has essentially operated with a figurative gun to every single American’s head. It is a scam that finds its basis in stupidity.

This documentary was one of the most important things for me to make, and there are a ton of people in this room that I need to thank for this moment and for bringing this to the public. But it was important for me to make because it is really the story of the most powerful entity on earth — the media.

We decided to name it “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold” because the media is in the business of selling lies to people and fomenting hatred.

This story was personal to me because when I went out into the public sphere and I interjected just a little bit of truth about George Floyd, I was castigated not only by the media but by my own black peers. I was told that I wasn’t allowed to say the truth about George Floyd because the victim narrative felt too good.

I believe, honestly, that what we are seeing in America is an entire group of people who are being trained to race to the bottom. People are fighting to be oppressed. People want to be able to jump on board and accuse one another of oppressing each other. What I was discussing with my friend, Ye, we are very quickly arriving in a trauma economy where people want to constantly pretend to be traumatized by various instances.

What it’s ultimately doing is weakening all of us. It’s weakening all of our relationships with one another.

I think the greatest thing that it’s weakening is our relationship with God. We exist together as one nation under God, right?

It’s important to say under God — not beside God, not on top of God, not above God — but under God.

Yet this culture has largely become an atheist culture. 

And I can talk to you about how they did it to black America. It’s important to understand the story of black America, because if black America was the experiment in understanding how you could sell trauma to a group of people, then right now they are running that experiment on all human beings across the globe — focusing on black America first, and seeing what happens to a group of individuals who buys the victim narrative who believes that they can be nothing else but oppressed.

Those who buy that narrative never get ahead in their lives. They are never at the top of companies. They are consistently told that it’s because of racism and not because they have no belief in themselves. 

I want to allow you guys to watch all of that explained in the documentary, so I don’t want to say too much other than to first and foremost, thank God.

I had the most liberal route to conservatism, and I grew up in an incredibly religious household.

And I resented that when I became a teenager and throughout my college years. I became a more secular individual, convinced that atheism was the path, the path for me, but I now realize that by destroying that pillar of faith in American society, every other ill has followed.

When we talk about why it is that we have so many black Americans who can’t read and so many black Americans who can’t get ahead — it’s because after they destroyed the God pillar, they went after families.

It is why the topic of broken families is not a joke. People will tell you the incarceration rates that face black men, but they won’t communicate to you how many of those black men grew up without a father in a home.

The denigration of men that we are seeing in society with movements like MeToo, with movements like Time’s Up — fraudulent movements that are actually around just to disempower manhood and to make manhood obsolete.

Let me tell you, there is no country and there is no household within a country that can survive without strong men. We need men.

Yet the radicalized feminist movement is teaching us the exact opposite. It is teaching us that women can do it all by themselves, and that to aspire to family and to aspire to children and to aspire to be a CEO — as women are in their households — is something that should be looked down upon.

It is because they destroyed families, and it’s because black America has a 72% single motherhood rate in recent decades, that we are seeing these individuals turn to the culture — naturally. The government knows that if there is not a mom and a dad sitting around the dinner table, then those kids are going to pursue maternity and paternity elsewhere.

That “elsewhere” tends to be the streets or hip-hop music, and suddenly they are emulating the people that they see on their screens and on TV shows, aspiring to that lifestyle and not aspiring to something better.

The last pillar that we have to talk about is the education system, which is teaching children to be dumb and emotional so that they can use narratives like the Black Lives Matter narrative to inspire them to go outside and act like fools.

That obviously is a killer that many people in this room have been fighting.

It is the ultimate fight, because what we are fighting for is for our children to know the truth.

And you understand that, of course, in this room, we represent counterculture. We did this counter-cultural thing, because talking about God and talking about families for whatever reason is not “mainstream.”

The most important thing is to make sure that we fight for the future of our children. They cannot survive in this world.

Thank you to my family, my team, and all who make this possible. 


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