The British Influencer Who ‘Transitioned’ To A Korean Woman And Back In Six Months


Today, I am going to give my thoughts on British influencer Oli London — a man who transitioned to a Korean woman earlier this year but is now transitioning back to being a British man after becoming a Christian.

Is he just doing all of this for attention? Or will some good come out of it?

London is 32 years-old and he was embroiled in a controversy after he identified as transracial earlier this year.

Now, in my opinion, if you can be transgender, I don’t see why you couldn’t be transracial. It makes perfect sense to me.

If we’re pretending that there’s no such thing as objective reality, why can’t Oli London, who is a white male, say, “Actually, I’m Korean. That’s what I feel like on the inside and nothing else matters.”

Well, he did that for about six months before he realized it was a lie and it was wrong.

He spoke to Tucker Carlson about this entire ordeal last Friday night. The conversation is worth listening to.

“So why did you decide to become a Korean woman? Who told you that was possible? Carlson asked.

“So obviously I’ve had a difficult time with my gender identity struggles,” London noted. “I was never happy with how I looked. So I started changing. I started dressing as a Korean woman, and I realized that was a big mistake. And I just want to be a boy. But, you know, is it any wonder people like me and young people want to change their gender when we have that normalization of this in our schools In this country?”

London went on to detail some of what it is like for kids in the U.K.

“Children are taught from a young age — from the age of five in some cases — that it’s OK to change their gender, it’s OK to, you know, wear a skirt. It’s OK for a boy to use gender-neutral toilets when it puts girls at risk,” he added. “This is the new norm. And schools are teaching about toxic masculinity – that eroding the alpha male, the alpha straight male has been eroded.”

He also warned that a “radical ideology” is teaching kids to “idolize weak men like Harry Styles, weak politicians like Beto O’Rourke.”

“Why is this happening?” he pleaded. “You know, and is it any wonder people like me fall victim to this that I had all this surgery?”

The influencer noted that he is “grateful” that he found God and was able to escape.

So here’s the thing: Everything that Oli London is saying is correct. It’s music to my ears.

It’s obviously a lot of the work that we do here at The Daily Wire in trying to expose this nefarious agenda on our children.

But, if I’m being honest — I don’t exactly like Oli London’s character arc. I don’t like that he goes from somebody, completely unknown, just some British guy, then decides, “I’m going to be a Korean woman.”

He gets all of this work done, gets tons of attention and sponsorships and followers, becomes an influencer, and then six months later completely changes his mind and is now on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ — the biggest show in the United States.

My personal opinion is what Oli London was saying is true, but it also seems like Oli London just wants attention.

That’s my honest opinion. Why? Because he was unknown, and Oli wanted attention. It seems he fell victim to social media likes and clicks and saw that if you just pretended you were gender dysphoric or pretended you wanted to become a woman, then you could get attention.

And he got that attention, right?

He went through all these procedures. People loved him. He was a transracial influencer and got tons of headlines.

Then perhaps Oli London realized, “You know what? I’m doing this for attention. I don’t really want to be like this. How about I transition and that will make another splash into the conservative circles?”

And that’s exactly what he got. Attention.

And so this goes back to an earlier episode where we discussed your psychological immune system. People are becoming more and more desperate online to get clicks.

They’re willing to do that even if it means going under the knife. They’re also willing to do that if it means rejecting all the procedures that you got.

Based on everything, I do not think that Oli London is a stable individual. That said, I do think having the discussion on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ will do more good than it does harm.

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