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Why The American Education System Is Systematically Producing Failures

The American education system is producing adults with more degrees that are infinitely dumber — and that’s not just an opinion. In recent years, students are graduating at higher rates, yet they are scoring lower and lower on standardized tests. How is that possible?

It’s possible because our education system is being effectively rinsed of hard academics and objective metrics, in favor of woke, emotional, psychological conditioning. In essence, students today are being taught that it’s not what you know, it’s how you feel.

How you feel is the goal of education initiatives like critical race theory, and “anti-racism”— initiatives which explicitly teach and endorse racial discrimination as a means to counter supposed “systemic racism.”

The truth is there are no racist systems in America anymore. There is no law that is stopping me, as a black woman, from doing anything that a white man can do in today’s society. In fact, the only trace of systemic oppression that targets black people is happening in schools, where a black woman like me would be taught that I will never be anything more than a black person.

That’s what critical race theory is teaching children. That America is an evil, oppressive, fundamentally racist country and we are forever defined by our race.

This is why over the last two decades the Left has tried to make education sexy. Students are told that they must go to college. Getting a college degree is hailed as an achievement above all else. The more degrees you have, the more you know and the more successful you will be. That’s been the successful marketing campaign behind going to college.

The only problem is, it just isn’t true.

Today you can get a degree in heavy intellectual subjects like, Gender Studies, Women’s Studies and Latin-x Studies. You can even pursue a degree in, ready? Social Justice and Civic Responsibilities.

You can set yourself back six figures on these meaningless degrees, only to realize, of course, that they won’t earn you any money. Best you can do is maybe become a professor and teach the nothing that you know to a future generation of know-nothings.

Looking for systemic oppression? I’ve found it. The American education system is systematically producing failures. Passionate failures. People that are passionate about their ignorance.

This model is, of course, unsustainable because in the long run, participation trophies don’t work. In a free-market society, how you feel will eventually come up against what you know, and what you know will determine your success. Eventually, facts catch up to feelings, and usually by that time, it’s too late. It’s hard to monetize a bachelor’s degree in Feminist Dance Theory.

The question is why? Why are people working to implement a model that is so obviously unsustainable?

In my opinion, it’s because sustainability is not the end goal. Think about it: What better way to weaken a country then to render its future generations impotent?

Want to crush America? Rewrite its education system to teach a struggle-based version of academics where the West is no longer seen as a victor in the battle of ideas, but rather the colonizer of them. Convince students that that knowledge makes them “smart.” Brainwash those students to believe that losing is actually a form of winning. Make them feel confident, super-confident in how they feel. Award them meaningless bachelor’s and master’s degrees to convince them of their superiority. Lastly, plant that over-confident generation of idiots throughout successful corporations and watch the fireworks: corrosion from the inside out.

That seems to me to be the obvious long-term goal. To ensure that corporations give into “woke culture.” To ensure that corporations suspend profitability because an army of their blue-haired employees are “educated” about the social injustice surrounding their profitability. It promises a slow, poisonous death to a free-market society.

In essence, dumber kids equates to a dumber workforce. A dumber workforce equates to a dumber America. A dumber America equates to a weaker America, and a weaker America equates to a superpower no more. America will be overtaken without a single shot fired.

Candace Owens is an American writer, producer, conservative commentator and the host of “Candace.”

The views expressed in this piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

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