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Candace Owens Claims Amazon Destroying Her Books Before Shipping, Provides Photos
Screenshot/YouTube/Candace Owens | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 97
Screenshot/YouTube/Candace Owens | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 97

On Saturday, conservative commentator and author Candace Owens claimed about 1,000 fans have informed her that their copy of her new book, “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation,” was damaged upon arrival from Amazon.

“Dear [Amazon]. About 1,000 people have written to let me know that your employees appear to be stomping on and in this case, smearing Vaseline on my books before mailing them,” Owens accused.  “I know it must have pained you to ship out all 90,000 copies you had in stock— but this is unacceptable.”

Owens provided photos of the damaged books and retweeted others showcasing similar damage to their copy.

“The pettiness will do nothing to thwart sales,” Owens wrote in a follow-up tweet. “Let’s try to get the next 100,000 that I plan to sell out of your warehouse, treated with a bit more respect by the looney lefties packing the product, please.”

Amazon did not immediately respond to The Daily Wire seeking comment regarding Owens’ claim.

On Monday night, Owens celebrated the book’s success via Twitter, noting that Barnes & Noble has “Blackout” ranked at number one on their list of “bestsellers,” edging out former President Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land.”

“Anndddd we just passed Obama! Thank you guys so much!! America is changing for the better,” she wrote.

Before edging out Obama, Owens hinted at the stark contrast between the two: “It’s pretty incredible to wake up to news that my book is #2 on Barnes and Noble next to Barack Obama,” she wrote. “He’s a former President, and my vision for black America is the virtual opposite of his. Get your copy of #BLACKOUT.”


Earlier this month, Owens appeared on The Daily Wire’s “The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special,” where she railed against the false racial narratives from groups like Black Lives Matter and elected Democrats.

The Daily Wire reported:

After the death of George Floyd in May, racially-charged, anti-police brutality protests broke out across the United States. Those protests, led largely by the Black Lives Matter organization, have devolved into hundreds of riots across America’s largest cities. One of the main ideas driving the social unrest is that police are unjustly targeting black Americans to a large degree, which Owens calls a “big lie.”

“If you are truly, sincerely a white supremacist in America, the best thing you could do is do nothing and let black America tend to itself because what we do to ourselves, right, when left unattended to ourselves is way worse, when you look at the statistics, than allowing any other group to come in and try to do anything to us,” Owens said. “And that’s including, of course, police officers, who are not killing black Americans for no reason.”

Owens added that so-called systemic racism “is not at all an obstacle to black Americans today.”

“There is no systemic racism,” she emphasized. “There is no law. There is nothing that says I cannot do something as a black person that you can do, so it’s completely false. What we’re really talking about is the fact that people want to absolve themselves of personal responsibility, and we’re being helped.”

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