Cancel Mob Comes For Feminist Mindy Kaling For Liking J.K. Rowling Tweet

Co-creator, writer and executive producer Mindy Kaling arrives at the Los Angeles Premiere of Netflix's "Never Have I Ever" Season 3 at Westwood Village Theater on August 11, 2022 in Los Angeles, California.
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Creator and actress Mindy Kaling became a target of a left-wing cancel mob last week for “liking” a tweet from “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, who’s been critical of the transgender movement’s erasure of women.

“The Office” writer on Twitter liked, and then un-liked, a tweet from Rowling mocking a critic who asked her how she can “sleep at night.” Rowling snarked, “I read my most recent royalty cheques and find the pain goes away pretty quickly.”

Folks online quickly ripped into Kaling over the perceived support. “Mindy Kaling is a terf in case you needed another reason to dislike her,” one person scolded.

A “TERF,” which stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” is a derogatory term for women who challenge the transgender movement.

“What!!?!? [Mindy Kaling] – as the parent of a trans child and a non-binary child – and as an admirer or (sic) yours – I hope I’m misreading this,” another viral post said, captioning a screenshot of Kaling’s “like.”

“No one should have to say this but if your feminism doesn’t include trans women it isn’t feminism at all supporting [J.K. Rowling] in any capacity and being a feminist are mutually exclusive,” another tweet said, “super disappointing [Mindy Kaling].” 

Leftist Saira Rao chimed in, too: “I think it’s safe to assume Mindy Kaling knew exactly what she was doing when she liked JK Rowling’s tweet,” she accused.

The tweet is not currently “liked” on Kaling’s Twitter account, and the actress has not directly responded to the criticism.

However, Kaling did “like” a tweet that speculated her apparent brief support of Rowling was the result of her child using her phone.

“[Mindy Kaling] did not like that on purpose,” the tweet reads. “She is also the parent of small children. 80% chance her kid had her phone. My kid was playing with my phone last week and almost accidentally posted a wedding photo of me and my ex-husband on Facebook.”

Kaling, who routinely touts her ‘woke’ bona fides, made waves over the summer when she promoted single motherhood and encouraged parents to pay for their college daughters to freeze their eggs.

“I waited until I had the means and that made all the difference,” she told Marie Claire magazine. “The choice to have a child—by yourself, on your own terms — it was the best part of my life.”

Kaling, reportedly worth $35 million, had her eggs frozen and became a single mother in her late thirties. She’s still single with two children.

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