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CANADA: Trans Woman Files Human Rights Complaint For Having To Buy Breast Implants

Should the radical Left ever get its way in terms of what society classifies as a human “right” one day, then taxpayer dollars will go beyond funding abortions and into funding a transgender’s breast implants. Just take a peek up north in Canada.

According to LifeSiteNews, a man presenting himself as a woman “launched a human rights complaint against Nova Scotia’s health department for refusing to pay for his breast implants.” Canada currently does not pay for breast augmentation of any kind (male or female) that is for cosmetic surgery.

“Implants are not covered for any individuals who would prefer larger breasts,” health ministry spokeswoman Tracy Barron told Canadian Press. “Breast implants are covered in Nova Scotia for severe congenital or developmental asymmetries and also in breast cancer reconstruction.”

Barron added that men who wish to look more like women through enlarged breasts can do so via hormonal therapy, which taxpayers already fund. However, women who wish to look more like men can have their breasts removed with taxpayer dollars because that is the only way they can fully achieve their preferred gender identity.

The man, “Serina” Slaunwhite, says the policy violates his human rights and constitutes “gender discrimination.”

“This should be included along with the rest of the surgeries that are publicly funded by the province for sex reassignment surgery. … It’s gender discrimination,” Slaunwhite said in the filed claim.

Slaunwhite’s lawyer, Susanne Litke of Dalhousie Legal Aid Service, says the current policy discriminates because hormonal therapy typically does not enlarge the breasts enough. “When that breast development isn’t enough for the person to be comfortable in their body, then it’s a medical necessity,” she said.

Dutch psychiatrist Gerard van den Aardweg dismissed the claims as “wild nonsense” in an interview with LifeSiteNews.

“First, the transgender’s (transsexual’s) urge to be operated upon is an expression of a serious mental disorder,” Aardweg told the outlet. “Second, the fake-therapy of surgery etc., does nothing except mutilate him/her for life and aggravate his/her mental alienation.”