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Can The Super Bowl Save America?

By  Ben

It’s been several decades since American politics has been so contentious. According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken after President Trump’s election, 32 percent of California residents want the state to secede from America. In the middle of the election cycle, Public Policy Polling found that 40 percent of Texans would have wanted the state to leave the country if Hillary Clinton had won — and that included 61 percent of Trump supporters. Nationally, 22 percent of people now want to see their particular state leave the union.

All of this is pervading our private lives. One post-election survey showed that nearly 1 in 3 Democrat women have cut someone out of their lives on social media over Trump’s election. A September poll from the Monmouth University Polling Institute found that 70 percent of Americans think the election cycle has made America worse.

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