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California College Snowflakes: The American Flag Is Triggering, Take It Down!

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

College students at the University of California, Davis believe the American flag is triggering, recently voting to remove a compulsory bylaw which mandates the flag be present at UCD Senate meetings.

Last week, the Student Senate voted to remove the American flag mandate because “the concept of United States of America and patriotism is different for every individual.”

“It shall not be compulsory for the flag of the United State of America to be displayed at ASUCD Senate meetings,” states Senate Bill 76, which was introduced by UCD Senator Jose Meneses, a recently naturalized American citizen.

“It should be at the discretion of the Senate whether presenting the flag is presently necessary,” says the bill. “Considering that the flag is seldom present at Senate meetings, it should not be mandated by the Bylaws as a codified practice.”

“This a Student Senate bill that the Student Senate [voted] on,” a university spokesperson told Campus Reform. “It is a student effort and student decision, and not an administrative one.”

UCD College Republicans Political Director Deborah Porter called the bill “a slap in the face to our military members, and their sacrifice, even to the death, for our freedoms.”

“The University of California has long been a public university dedicated to the education of its students. The flag of the United States of America stands for the educational opportunity provided by America, as well as the sacrifice of our military soldiers and veterans to provide us with this freedom,” Porter told Campus Reform.

“Restricting the flag to be displayed at the mercy of the President pro-tempore is a slap in the face to our military members, and their sacrifice, even to the death, for our freedoms. I hold our military members in high respect, and thus vehemently oppose Senate Bill 76,” she added.

Senator Michael Gofman was also outraged by the bill, posting on Facebook that the move was “a political statement.” The senator also encouraged others who oppose the bill to voice their discontent.

In recent days, our flag has become a target for the Left, such as the apparently incessant need to burn Old Glory at “protests” (AKA riots), the infamous and pathetic Colin Kaepernick national anthem protest, which was glorified by ESPN and the like, and Hampshire College’s disgusting decision to remove the American flag from the campus entirely.

But the truth is, the American flag has always been a trigger for the Left; the representation of American exceptionalism and individual freedom doesn’t jive with their ideology, which casts the United States as an evil imperialistic nation and values “social justice” over individual justice and freedom.

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