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Caitlyn Jenner Is Angry About Having To Poop In The Men’s Room in North Carolina

On Friday, Caitlyn Jenner penned an op-ed for WhoSay lamenting new so-called “anti-LGBT” laws in places like North Carolina and Mississippi. The male Olympian turned Woman of the Year is upset that ordinances which would have mandated private and public entities to open their bathrooms and locker-rooms up to individuals based on gender identity as opposed to biology have been blocked by laws like North Carolina’s HB 2.

Jenner claims that such blockades and religious freedom legislation allows discrimination, particularly to “transgender youth,” and denies that allowing men into women’s restrooms could in any way be harmful to women and children.

“In North Carolina, the governor signed a law that, among other things, forces transgender people to use restrooms that don’t match the gender they live every day,” said Jenner of the law overturning a broad and overreaching ordinance. “Mississippi recently passed a broad anti-LGBT bill which also includes language that would allow any business or employer to force transgender people into the wrong restroom, putting their safety at risk.”

Jenner added that new bills “targeting LGBT people” are being debated in other states, too. Most all of these bills are proposed legislation protecting religious freedom.

Jenner, a self-described Republican and hilarious Hillary-basher, takes up the Leftist talking point that such ordinances which allow men who use women’s bathrooms and shower facilities would never lead to an uptick in malice.

“The legislators introducing these bills claim they are about public safety,” said Jenner. “But it’s important to know that in the 18 states (and more than 200 cities) that have laws and ordinances protecting transgender people from discrimination, there have been no increases in public safety incidents.”

The transgender activist even proclaimed that not mandating public and private entities to open their female facilities to men who claim to be women will make “us less safe”: “We all want safety and privacy in public bathrooms. But these anti-LGBT bills, like the ones in North Carolina and Mississippi, actually make us less safe, not more safe.”

Jenner concluded that we all must stand up to legislation which does not mandate facilities be open to gender identity over biology in order to prevent “harm” to LGBT people.

“Updating our laws to protect people from discrimination — and preventing laws that harm LGBT people — is important to me. We’ll keep talking about these bills here, and alerting you when there’s something you can do to help. How you’re treated shouldn’t depend on geography—our country is better than that.”

It’s important to note that the trans population in the U.S. is conservatively estimated at 0.3 percent (Leftist outlets have decried the U.S. census-based results as under-representative. Still, even if that statistic is tripled, the percentage of trans people in the U.S. remains below 1 percent.)

Click here for five examples of facilities open to men who identify as women being exploited, resulting in the abuse of women and children. In their petition to boycott Target over the retailer’s transgender bathroom policy, American Family Association also provided a list of several recent voyeurism and sexual assault incidents related to “gender-neutral bathrooms.” But according to Jenner and the Left, none of that ever happens.

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