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Here’s How CAIR Is ‘Curing’ Republicans of ‘Islamophobia’

At the Republican National Convention this week, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) figured out a way to score some headlines by taking it upon itself to “cure” Republicans of “Islamophobia.” Their remedy: “Islamophobin.”

CAIR, which has been tied to terrorist groups, has become notorious for smearing those attempting to call attention to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism by throwing around the word “Islamophobia”— a term CAIR and other Islamic groups, most notably the Muslim Brotherhood, have worked hard to popularize, to great effect. Through its stunt at the RNC, the group has now made clear that they believe all Republicans suffer from the fake condition.

The label of the faux drug (which is actually just a pack of chewing gum) ironically promises to “spread love” while mocking a large section of society as hateful bigots.

It will cure “blind intolerance,” “unthinking bigotry,” and “irrational fear” (of attacks by radical Islamic terrorists who have become increasingly active in America and the word).

The stunt also, of course, targets Donald Trump, the drug promising to counteract “U.S. presidential election year scapegoating.”

“Take two and call a Muslim in the morning,” read the instructions.

The mock drug is a part of CAIR’s lamophobin campaign launched two months ago online, complete with silly video and an Amazon link.

While CAIR mocks the “irrational fear” of radical Islamic terrorism, the French are busy cleaning up after yet another heinous attack by an ISIS-inspired butcher that left 84 innocent people dead, including over 10 children.

For more on CAIR’s ties to terrorism here’s National Review and Discover the Networks. For more on the spread of the term “Islamophobia,” read Robert Spencer.

H/t TruthRevolt, Washington Examiner

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