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‘BuzzFeed’ Feminist Tries To Smear Tucker Carlson With This ‘Sex Worker’ Photo. Here’s The Problem.

BuzzFeed News’ chief Los Angeles correspondent Kate Aurthur tried desperately to smear Fox News host Tucker Carlson as a fraud, but only succeeded in exposing herself as one.

On Saturday, Aurthur posted screenshots of a photograph featuring Christina Parreira, a self-described “sex worker,” kissing Carlson on the cheek as he’s laughing and turning away. The point of the screenshots, according to Aurthur, was to somehow expose Carlson as a fraud for pushing “family values” and simultaneously treating Parreira as a human being.

“Remember [Tucker Carlson’s] lecture during the height of family separation in June about how the left doesn’t care about family values? Well, I’m not one to kink shame, but here he is with a sex worker. Go Tucker?” she posted.

Compounding the desperate nature of the attack, the photo was apparently taken at a mutual friend’s funeral. And Carlson was not aware that Parreira was a sex worker.

“I took that photo at… a funeral,” responded Mitchell Sunderland, an editor-at-large at Penthouse. “Christina didn’t even tell Carlson her profession. All anyone spoke about that night was our dead mutual friend. It was the most PG-rated night in Nevada history.”

In a piece for The Federalist, Parreira recalled the innocent interaction she had with Carlson at the funeral thusly: “There was nothing salacious or inappropriate about this moment with Carlson. It was a celebrity taking a few minutes out of his day to make a fan feel good. I approached Tucker and told him what a huge fan I was, and he was kind enough to say yes to a photo. It was nothing more and nothing less. When I offered to buy him a drink, he declined. He had a club soda instead,” she wrote.

And it gets better: When Parreira confronted Aurthur about the post on Twitter, she blocked her.

“You should be ashamed of yourself for this tweet. Yes, that’s Tucker and I after Dennis Hof’s funeral. And I am a sex worker, but also a human being. Care to comment? C’mon- if you can subtweet me, why not tweet right at me?” replied Parreira.

“I’m answering you once, and then blocking you and muting the thread, for obvious reasons,” said Aurthur in response. “Tucker Carlson preaches prescriptive morality on his show about family values in the most toxic, destructive, high-handed way, leaving no room for anyone to deviate. He is poison.”

Of course, Aurthur’s tweet raises a couple questions. The BuzzFeed correspondent is obviously a good progressive feminist who never “slut shames” or “kink shames,” so why did she mockingly post about Parreira, and not even tag the woman? And when Parreira confronted her, why did she block her? Not very “feminist” like. Also, how does the photo expose Carlson as a fraud, exactly? Because Carlson is a pro-family values Christian, he should have treated the woman poorly? He should have called her names? Clearly, Aurthur is one of the many ignorant mainstream media figures who believes pro-family values folks who don’t condone certain lifestyles are hateful, bigoted people.

“It’s interesting how, again and again, the supposedly feminist left takes women and reduces them to nothing but their job title, is it not?” noted Parreira, adding: “Aurthur threw together a reckless tweet, without checking the context, in an effort to garner clickbait. It can happen to any of us. Imagine waking up to see a misinformed and callous ‘journalist’ with a chip on her shoulder maligning an innocent moment at a funeral, and having no recourse.”

H/t The Daily Caller

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