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BURIED LEDE: USA Today Claims Trump Is Banning Same-Sex Partners From Getting Visas. There’s Just One Problem.

By  Ashe Schow

In yet another example of media bias against President Donald Trump, USA Today is trying to paint the administration as anti-gay for halting visas for same-sex partners of U.S. diplomats and United Nations employees.

“President Donald Trump’s administration this week began denying visas to the unmarried, same-sex partners of foreign diplomats and officials and employees of the United Nations — making marriage a requirement to be eligible for a visa,” USA Today reported.

But if you keep reading to the end of paragraph seven, you’ll notice this little gem:

“The heterosexual partners of foreign diplomats and United Nations employees are also not eligible for U.S. visas.”


So, the administration actually banned all unmarried partners from getting visas, meaning diplomats can’t just bring their girlfriends or boyfriends.

Where USA Today does have some valid criticism is the fact that many countries ban same-sex marriage, so diplomats from those countries could face serious trouble.

As USA Today notes, however, it is unclear how many foreign diplomats and U.N. employees would actually be affected.

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