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Brown University Tells A Student She Got In. Then They Send Her The Dumbest Letter Of All Time.

Soon after a young female student was officially accepted into the prestigious Brown University, the family received a perplexing letter from Dean of Admissions Logan Powell, seemingly riddled with errors, the father of the accepted Brown student told The Wall Street Journal.

The note from the dean, which was addressed to the student’s “Parent/Guardian,” referred to the female student as “they” or “them” instead of “she” or “her.” “Dean Powell’s letter also stated that our reader’s daughter had no doubt worked hard and made positive contributions to ‘their’ school and community,” notes the Journal.

“And now, as we invite you to join the Brown family, we encourage you to allow [daughter’s name] to chart their own course,” says part of the letter from the dean (emphasis added).

The father said he and his family initially figured there was some sort of “word-processing error” with regard to the letter.

Clearly the student’s father is unfamiliar with the current level of crazy occupying leftists institutions of higher education and media, where gender is a mere “social construct” and language must be altered in order to avoid the “offensive” use of gender-specific pronouns.

Then the student’s father was hit with a voicemail from Brown “congratulating his daughter and referring to her as ‘them.'” This is when he finally understood the full-tilt lunacy of the university: those plural pronoun “errors” were intentional, designed not to offend.

Brian Clark, a spokesman for Brown, told the Journal via email that “our admission office typically refers to applicants either by first name or by using ‘they/their’ pronouns. While the grammatical construction may read as unfamiliar to some, it has been adopted by many newsrooms and other organizations as a gender-inclusive option.”

Reacting to the insanity, the father of the student said, “Mind you, our daughter has always been clear what her biological gender and identity is – she’s a woman.” The man added that he believes the university “wants to make it clear that only left wing extremists are welcome at Brown. Fine with us – good riddance,” he said.

“An item on Brown’s website announcing Mr. Powell’s 2016 hiring reported that he had previously served at Bowdoin, Harvard and Princeton – and also noted that he would be overseeing a staff of 38 people at Brown,” noted the Journal. “One would think that at least some of them are familiar with pronouns.”

One would think.

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