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Broward County Sheriff Launches Site To ‘Fact Check’ Shooting Claims. It’s Absurd.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

The brazen efforts by Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel to evade accountability for his dangerous incompetence have only picked up steam.

On Tuesday night, the Sheriff’s office launched a super credible site to “fact check” unfavorable reports and claims made against the department in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in South Florida that left 17 dead.

“In an effort to assist reporters & the public in accessing accurate information, we have created the BSO Fact Check website,” announced the officer via Twitter.

“The following is intended to assist the public and media in receiving accurate information that does not obstruct the ongoing Parkland shooting investigation,” reads a disclaimer.

Under a “Setting The Record Straight” banner, the site lists off six claims rebutted by “facts.”

One alleged “fact check” suggests the department did not neglect to act on any warning signs, despite a number of reports that suggest otherwise.

Here’s the site’s claim and fact-check (shooter’s name is redacted per Daily Wire policy):


Broward Sheriff’s Office missed countless warning signs about shooting suspect [redacted].


Calls for service to an address show the number of times deputies receive a call from a specific location. It does not mean that what occurred was criminal or an arrestable offense.

BSO investigators reviewed all the calls for service involving the shooter and his family. Of those calls, 18 involved the shooter directly. Those previous calls did not equate to a crime being committed. There were no arrestable offenses, nor was there evidence to prompt an involuntary mental health assessment. The shooter was assessed several times by mental health professionals and deemed not to be a threat to himself or others.

According to The Miami Herald, the would-be shooter’s “troubling behavior gave law enforcement plenty of opportunities to investigate and arrest him — and even take away his guns — long before he shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland last week, according to interviews with former South Florida prosecutors and legal experts.”

In another “fact checking” example, the Sheriff’s office looks to cover up their lack of transparency.

The claim reads: “The Broward Sheriff’s Office is not forthcoming with information related to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.”

According to the explanation given under the “fact” portion, “Sheriff Israel has ordered the entire department to fully cooperate with each investigation with transparency and honesty.”

“We would like to caution everyone regarding the dissemination of information that has not been verified,” continues the alleged fact check. “We need to allow the investigators time to do their work and get this right.”

“Once all the facts are gathered and the investigation is completed, we will publicize the findings” the office promises.

The Herald and CNN, however, feel differently, and have filed suit against the office after the Sheriff’s Department refused to release surveillance footage.

“The Miami Herald, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and CNN have rightly sued the BSO and Broward County School Board to pry loose surveillance video of the exterior of the school, showing the police response to the shooting,” reported the Herald on Saturday.

The other claims and alleged fact checks similarly look to deflect blame. This “fact checking” site is clearly nothing more than a bad public relations attempt to wash the blood off Sheriff Israel’s hands.

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