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British GQ Correspondent: ‘Could Obama Murder Trump And Pence’?

During Donald Trump’s press conference, British GQ political correspondent Rupert Myers issued the following tweet:

According to his personal website, Myers is a barrister and writer from the United Kingdom. Myers has also contributed to the Guardian and the Telegraph.

He has since deleted it after it came to light by Daily Wire staff.


After being probed by Daily Wire contributor Harry Khachatrian on why he deleted the tweet, Myers stated the following:

However, upon this article’s initial publication, he did not apologize and doubled-down on his “joke” that Obama could get away with murdering Trump and Pence.

Jokes aside, if the shoe was on the other foot and a Republican had said something similar to a President-elect Clinton or Vice President-elect Kaine, what would the response have been?

Think before you tweet.

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