BREAKING: Trump Threatens To End Press Briefings To Fight ‘Fake News’


Obviously upset by the media coverage of his firing of FBI director James Comey this week, President Trump has now taken to Twitter to threaten to end all White House press briefings.

Yes, really.

Here’s his train of thought:

Now, Trump is right that the media and Democrats are way out over their skis on the Trump-Russia collusion question. We have seen no hard evidence whatsoever that Trump was colluding with Russia to sway the election; while both former campaign manager Paul Manafort and former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn had some ties to Russia, no evidence of election collusion has been presented on either of them, let alone Trump.

But then Trump goes off the rails. Why would it not be possible for his surrogates to “stand at the podium with perfect accuracy”? Isn’t that their job? Was Trump too busy to inform them just why he’d fired his highly controversial FBI director? And if your communications team stinks, why not fire them and replace them with people who can do a better job?

Instead, Trump threatens to basically close the press room and start issuing talking points from the White House. This neglects the fact that the American people deserve answers from their executive branch. Imagine if President Obama had done the same thing. We’d be talking about the crackdown on fundamental press freedoms.

Trump is still president of the United States. That means he has an agenda he should be pursuing. Threatening to cut off communications with the press is just another distraction from his agenda — unless his agenda is starting useless feces fights on Twitter. In that case, everything’s going marvelously.

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