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BREAKING: Muslim Arrested Plotting Nice-Style Attack In NYC

By  Robert Kraychik

A 37-year-old Brooklyn resident named Mohamed Rafik Naji was arrested for allegedly attempting to execute Islamic terrorism on behalf of ISIS, reported left-wing CBS News on Monday.

A citizen of Yemen, Naji was legally present in the US as a permanent resident.

Prosecutors say Naji has been expressing support of ISIS on social media since September 2014.

Left-wing NBC reported that Naji traveled to Yemen in 2015 in an attempt to join ISIS, returning to the US after failing to do so.

Left-wing CNBC reported that authorities have charges Naji with attempting to support ISIS by carrying out a mass murder attack in Times Square.

Russia’s English language propaganda arm RT reported that Naji intended for the attack to be reminiscent of June’s mass murder Islamic terrorist attack in Nice, France. The attack left 86 dead and 434 injured.

President-elect Donald Trump has called for restricting the flow of foreign Muslims into the US as immigrants, refugees, students, workers, or visitors. Democrats and the broader left oppose such proposals, calling for a maintenance of or increase in volume of Muslims admitted to enter the US.

H/T Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch

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