BREAKING: Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation Asks FISA Court To Order Investigation Into Anti-Trump Targeting, Leaks


On Thursday, Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation filed an amicus curiae – a “friend of the court” request – to the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, requesting that the FISA Court direct a full-scale investigation into the Obama administration’s alleged leaks of classified information to the press, as well as allegations of improperly targeting political opponents with FISA requests.

Among the questions Landmark seeks to have answered through a court-ordered investigation:

  • Has the FISA Court been used “as a subterfuge to surveil private citizens”?
  • Did government officials seek FISA warrants “as a pretext to conduct an investigation for the purpose of affecting an ongoing national presidential campaign and subsequent transition of an incoming president?”
  • Did the FBI tell the FISA Court that it had purchased intelligence from British spy Christopher Steele?
  • Did the FBI tell the Court that the intelligence from Steele had originally been gathered as part of an oppo research project on Donald Trump?

As Landmark points out, “Each leak is potentially criminal and certainly unethical…Landmark respectfully urges this Court to exercise immediately its authority to direct the federal government to investigate the sources of these pervasive leaks.”