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BREAKING: Gloria Allred To Present Second Alleged Roy Moore Underage Sexual Assault Victim

On Monday, media gadfly Gloria Allred announced that she would be holding a press conference in New York with another accuser against Alabama Senate Republican candidate Roy Moore; the accuser is expected to state that Moore sexually assaulted her when she was a minor. Moore was accused last week of molesting a 14-year-old girl in the pages of The Washington Post; he has denied all such charges, while admitting that he may have dated underage women when he was in his early 30s (he says he can’t remember).

Allred’s sketchy history won’t help ease feelings among would-be Moore supporters that this is a political hit job against Moore. Allred has represented high profile clients from Scary Spice to Rachel Uchitel (a Tiger Woods mistress) to Ginger Lee (a former porn star who said that Anthony Weiner asked her to lie). Allred is known for her outrageous penchant for the spotlight, and for jumping in front of cameras to represent people like Sharon Bialek, a sexual harassment accuser against Herman Cain. Here’s Tablet on Allred:

Ben Shapiro
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