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BREAKING at CNN: ‘Obama’s Jeans Game Gets Stronger’

Although President Obama used his surveillance state to spy on President Trump (we know this because CNN told us so, even though the big fat liars now deny their own reporting); although Barry rolled over like a punk when the dirty Reds interfered in our election; although The Precious is currently revealing himself as a shameless socialist hypocrite as he enjoys a series of luxury vacations that would make Robin Leach blanch, nevertheless…

Wednesday’s big Obama story over on the CNN Politics page surrounded the former president’s history of — wait for it, wait for it — wearing blue jeans!

Wait, it gets better…

To no one’s surprise, even in this piece of shallow, sycophantic reportage, CNN still managed to hit us with some of its now-customary and expected fake news.

Yes, as a means to hasten its credibility death spiral, complete with no fewer than six large photos of President-OMG-He’s-So-Freaking-Cool-Squeeee, CNN published a deep-dive exposé titled, “Obama’s jeans game gets strong(er).”

Pardon me for repeating the point, but it is important: this fawning piece of fan-girlishness was published on the CNN Politics page.

Moreover, Kate Bennett, the “journalist” who broke the story, seems awfully excited to be able to report important details about Obama’s blue jeans, important details such as “the fit is tighter” … “tight jeans” … “legs have shape” … “far more stylish way.”

Oh, Barry.

Oh, oh, oh, Barry.

Sadly, this is not just a fangirl piece from CNN. It is also a literal attempt on the leftwing network’s part to rescue Obama from the eight-year-old running joke about his affection for “mom-jeans.” But as Joel Pollak discovered, because the last-place cable news network is unable to tell the truth about anything, to protect the Precious, CNN hits its readers with the fake news that the ridicule Obama faced was over “dad-like” jeans, when everyone knows it was about his “mom-jeans.”

Note how even CNN’s headline is meant to protect Obama, is its own form of bootlicking. The ObamaWorshippingOutlet can’t even bring itself to say “Obama’s Jeans Game Gets Strong,” because to do so would suggest that at one time Obama’s jeans game was NOT strong, which would suggest Obama was in some way imperfect, which just isn’t done because Jim Acosta doesn’t need two things to break down and cry over.

And so it was written that the Jeans Game practiced by The Precious got “strong(er),” because thou shalt not blemish the Precious in vain.

Over at MSNBC, it was only Chris Matthews who got a thrill up his leg from Obama.

Over at CNN, the entire Politics Team is feeling the thrill of Obama’s “tight jeans” with the “legs that have shape.”

Gee, I can’t imagine why CNN can attract only 670,000 TOTAL viewers on a heavy news day like Tuesday, or nearly half as many viewers as MSNBC and a third as many as Fox News.

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