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Boy George Mocks Preferred Pronouns
Boy George on Wednesday, May 1, 2019
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On Monday, singer-songwriter Boy George mocked the idea of folks having so-called “preferred pronouns,” calling it “ridiculous.”

“Leave your pronoun’s at the door!” the “Karma Chameleon” singer posted to social media.

Responding to criticism, Boy George, whose real name is George Alan O’Dowd, posted: “You must refer to me as ‘Napoleon’ and that’s as ridiculous as it gets!” he said, noting that he “used the ladies toilet throughout the 80s!”

Last year, the performer expressed his annoyance with preferred pronouns online.

“PLEASE use trans people’s correct pronouns EVEN IF you hate the person you’re talking about otherwise you’re insinuating trans peoples’ pronouns are a privilege that can be taken away at your will rather than a right they’re entitled to,” a Twitter user posted.

“Be more than a pronoun,” Boy George responded.

Moreover, in September, Boy George came to the defense of fellow English singer-songwriter Marc Almond after he was deemed “transphobic” by critics. Boy George decried the apparently unnecessary controversy as part of the over-the-top politically correct culture.

I don’t believe for a nano second that [Marc Almond] is transphobic! He ain’t tainted love!” Boy George wrote via Twitter.

“Of course im not I’ve always had Trans friends and been and championed in life and song since the early 80’s. I’ve enjoyed playing with Gender long before it was fashionable. Twitter hysteria and drama. I’m sure you know that,” Almond responded to the singer.

“Loved your gig at the Apollo. In fact, I increased my brass section after seeing you,” Boy George followed-up. “Yes, all this PC (politically correct) stuff is giving me a headache too. Bring back Julie Burchill. She knew how to dismantle a career!”

Mandating the “correct” pronoun use has become a goal of transgender and radical LGBT activists in recent years. Canada, for example, passed Bill C-16, an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act, in 2018. The new legislation, according to an AFP fact-check, includes using the “wrong” pronoun as evidence of gender identity or transgender discrimination.

“Bill C-16 could lead to an organization having to pay damages to a person, but only if proof of a wider pattern of discrimination can be established,” the fact-check outlined.

The crackdown is happening in the United States, too. In November, Stanford University sent a letter to the Stanford community taking on “incorrect” pronoun use.

“In a letter to the Stanford community sent on Nov. 18, Stanford Provost Persis Drell announced the university’s new focus on promoting ‘gender inclusion’ in part by forbidding the use of ‘incorrect’ pronouns in reference to others on the campus,” The Daily Wire reported.

Provost Drell cited Daily Wire Editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro in her explanation of the speech crackdown.

“[W]e heard deep concerns from TGNC students about the recent Ben Shapiro event on campus, which was open to off-campus visitors as well as students,” said Drell. “Shapiro’s comments questioning gender diversity run directly counter to our values that support community members of all gender identities. Moreover, transgender students reported hostile and offensive comments directed toward them by attendees.”

In the speech Drell referred to, Shapiro “exposed the ‘dangerous game‘ being played by the racist Alt-Right movement and their counterparts on the radical left,” The Daily Wire noted.

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