BOREING: Why Twitter Banned Me


On this special edition of “Daily Wire Backstage,” god-king Jeremy Boreing discusses how a disagreement over Brussel sprouts got him placed in internet prison and almost banned from the social media giant Twitter. Video and partial transcript below.

It is true that today I was banned by Twitter for twelve hours, although it wound up being for about forty-five minutes. I was banned because Daily Wire senior editor Emily Zanotti made the biggest news tweet of 2018 coming in right down to the wire on (December) 31st.

She said that the best recipe for Brussel sprouts, maybe if you’ve grown up not liking to eat vegetables, then the best recipe for Brussel sprouts is something with olive oil, butter, and honey… disgusting.

I retorted that an even better recipe for Brussel sprouts a little salt, a dash of pepper, a dash of paprika, then you do a splash of Worchester sauce, brown a little bacon in a cast iron skillet, then you throw it all away, and then sear your face off because that would be better than eating Brussel sprouts.

I wake up this morning with an alert from Twitter saying — and I’m not kidding — that there are people in this world who care about me and that I am not alone. (It included) a link to a suicide hotline because they had determined that I was a danger to myself and was advocating that people harm themselves over this tweet.

KNOWLES: I always thought you were a danger to others, but not yourself.

BOREING: Absolutely a danger to others. Have you seen me in a kitchen?