BOREING: Stop With The Moralizing And Lack Of Grace


During the “2019 State of the Union Backstage” special, Daily Wire co-host, and god-king Jeremy Boreing slams the false sense of piety that has seeped into American culture and discusses how grace can bring people together. Video and transcript below.

I think for the average person who is maybe watching this show and they are wondering how they can get involved, my answer isn’t to start a multimillion-dollar company. Although, if you got that in you, do it.

A better piece of advice, I think: It isn’t about what you should, it’s about what you should not do. If everyone would just stop with the Victorian Era moralizing and lack of grace of culture we live in. The first novel written in America is “The Scarlet Letter.” We have really come full circle now where a person makes a mistake or doesn’t make a mistake somewhere in their life, but at a minimum, they run afoul of the purveying virtue of society. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon to destroy this person.

I have a friend whose father was a pastor. This was in the nineties. He had to get up on the stage at the church and confess in front of 300 people that he had been looking at pornography.

This was when the internet was brand new. It wasn’t like now where you walk through a 7-11 and you see a six-year-old and you’re like, “Cool, they’re probably playing a game… oh dear God!” This was back when people had rolled-up magazines hidden from their mom. His mom had found his rolled-up magazine and made such a federal case out of this. Because a lot of these problems started in the church where masculinity became the only sin the church cared about. That’s not to say looking at porn is good, but it’s not the highest evil conceived of by man, which is what it became when the church really lost masculinity.

So, this kid had to get up, 19 years old, and had to confess that he looked at pornography. I always thought what he should have said is, “I’m very sorry. I know this is not a good thing. I’m embarrassed that my mom found this thing. I shouldn’t have done it, and I’m just asking by a show of hands, who’s been there?”

I actually think what would have happened is that every man in the audience would’ve started to raise their hand and every wife would have gone, “No, no, no. You don’t look at pornography.” And he would been like, “Uh…”

Instead, all of those grown adult men sat there like cowards and let this guy take the hit. We do the same thing when a teenage girl gets pregnant. A teenage girl gets pregnant and we, the party of life, shake our heads. Humiliation. Her mother should be disappointed. We don’t want our kids talking to her. And I want to say, “Show of hands how many people had sex before marriage, even once, you guys.” Not by what your exaggerated definitions of what it is and what ain’t. Who’s not dodged a bullet in their day?

We all live in this kind of common grace where the truth is the majority of our bad behaviors don’t cause the worst possible consequences. We all sit and participate in the prudish stoning and shunning of everybody who gets caught doing these things.