BOREING: The Problem With Selfie Behavior


On this Oscars edition of “Daily Wire Backstage,” co-host and god-king Jeremy Boreing explains what he learned about filmmaking from working in the editing bay. Video and partial transcript below.

Everything I’ve learned about filmmaking I’ve learned editing movies that I’ve made poorly. You sit in a room and you have to now interpret what you did on location. You know, it’s a completely new day basically. This is all you have. He’s not wearing a freakin’ hat and you’ve got to make the most compelling story that you can.

So I didn’t learn how to write for the screen until I was in the edit of the first film that I had shot. I didn’t learn how to direct until sitting in the edit bay of the first film that I had directed.

One of the things I observe in young people, especially young people in Hollywood. Is, you know, if you’ve been out here very long, it’s just a matter of time before somebody knew your grandma back home and they come ask, right off the bus, how they can become big and famous.

I’ve observed that many of them won’t work on short films or independent films. So, when we got ready to make “The Arroyo,” guys who went to film school who are now waiting tables, and we would ask them, “Hey, come be involved. You know more about this than we do.” And they wouldn’t do it. They wouldn’t do it because, in their mind, their first film is going to be “Citizen Kane.” In their mind, they are the next big thing and they actually don’t want an “at-bat.” Because if they have to go make a movie it’s not going to be much better than my movie was.

I’m not ashamed of any of my movies, though, because I made them, and I learned something.

I applied what I learned and made another movie, and I have a theory that if you do that long enough you will get better at it. But this sort of idolatry of Hollywood allows people to come here and hide from who they are behind the belief of who they could be. They won’t actually take any steps to the distance in-between because that is where actual life is, where the truth about you is going to be revealed.