BOREING: Marriage Advice That Goes Against What You’ve Heard


In this Spring Break edition of “Daily Wire Backstage,” Daily Wire co-host and god-king Jeremy Boreing gives his marriage advice for young people who are considering tying the knot. Video and partial transcript below.

If you are eighteen and contemplating getting married, I do have a patented piece of marriage advice. I have several, one is two bathrooms and a king-sized bed. I promise you can’t wrong.

Now, you might say, “Jeremy, I can’t afford a king size bed.” Get married anyway. But this is really good advice, and no one will tell you this: Go to bed angry.

This is my great marriage advice. It’s not great marriage advice day-to-day. People will tell you, “Never go to bed angry,” and that’s fine advice if you lose the “never.” What they should say is, “Do everything you can, not to go to bed angry,” but in the final analysis when you are navigating life with another human being who is in every way different than you, who you can’t even agree on the things you agree about, because you are actually using different words to mean the same things because you haven’t figured it out in ten years.

When you are in that situation, you do, occasionally, come to moments that you simply can’t resolve in the moment. You sit in that moment in complete desperation, you do not know how to reconcile yourself to your spouse, and the best thing you can do in that moment, go to bed.

What I mean is, go to bed. Literally. You will wake up in the morning and still be married. The beauty of marriage is that marriage “is.” You don’t have to create marriage on a daily basis. Marriage will carry you through these problems if you lean on it as an institution given to you by God.

The only thing you can do is break your marriage. So, if you reach the moment of irreconcilable conflict, stop trying to reconcile it and just lean into the reality of your marriage. Lean into the fact that tomorrow you will still be married, as long as you don’t do something like stop being marriage. That has, statistically, been the cause of 100 percent of divorces.