BOREING: Ending Friendships Because Of Politics


On this special mid-term election night edition of “Daily Wire Backstage,” co-host and god-king Jeremy Boreing makes an important observation about the volatility of this election season and discusses the pettiness of ending friendships over politics. Video and partial transcript below.

Something I’m observing out of my friends and family down in Texas — and I won’t name names because it is not all of them — is that people who did not care about politics for most of my lifetime are unfriending lifelong friends on Facebook.

What concerns me about this, to Ben’s point about social fabric, that is that social fabric frays as the internet moves us from having a regional community to having been able to find people who we don’t even personally know … but they agree with us and we find a kind of affirmation in that. You are now willing to unfriend a neighbor that you have known for years who watched after your children when they played in the front yard, who would have been there if you had been injured or your spouse had been injured.

You are unfriending them off this abstract called politics so that you can continue to find affirmation in people you will never lay eyes on about something that has very little immediate impact on your life.

One of the things I want to ask all my Democrat friends who have been just weeping and gnashing teeth over the last two years is, “In what measurable way is your life actually worse, except that you feel worse? If we put that aside, how is your life worse?”