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Book Review: ‘Ten Little Liberals’

By  Jacob Airey

Daily Wire contributor Yehuda Remer has self-published his new satirical take on the Left. Ten Little Liberals takes a page from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, parodying the popular rhyme “Ten Little Soldier Boys,” as it’s known in the later edition of the mystery novel.

Right from the beginning, the author does not hold back: “Ten little liberals standing in a line, told to get a real job, and then there are nine.”

Ten Little Liberals starts with ten leftists who are gathered together to protest, riot, and chant, only to be systematically brought down to a group of one. Each rhyme mimics and ultimately parodies some aspect of the political climate of the country.

Every time the leftists try to engage in their nefarious activities, they are met with pushback from conservatives who are hitting them hard with facts.

The illustrations perfectly complement the text and the rhyme. The backgrounds and the characters’ designs drawings match the tone and the satirical nature of the book.

One of the best aspects of the book is how the ten antagonists are a caricature of some aspect of the far Left. The reader can find parodies of Antifa thugs, academic progressives, social snowflakes, third wave feminists, and even vegan hipsters.

Ten Little Liberals perfectly tackles the political climate of America. Though the book is comedic in nature and has a lot of laughs at the far Left’s expense, it also displays the logical reaction of conservatives when they encounter leftist protesters.

Yehuda Remer is the author of Safety On: An Introduction to the World of Firearms for Children, an introductory book on teaching parents the importance of firearms safety.

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