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BOOK REVIEW: Stay Away from the Libertarians! by Remso W. Martinez

By  Jeremy Frankel

Remso W. Martinez, a D.C.- based independent journalist and libertarian activist, has released a new book titled “Stay Away from the Libertarians.” Martinez takes the reader through many myths surrounding libertarians, explores the libertarian worldview, and debunks these preconceived notions one by one, in a humorous but thorough manner.

Martinez also succeeds at exposing the problems with the two major political parties and why each does not speak to the average American, intricately explaining why the authentic conservative movement should look to libertarianism as the alternative to the two-party duopoly. He states the obvious for any individual who has been paying attention: that “conservatives and Republicans don’t necessarily overlap. Because the GOP showed it would rather go hang with moderate Rob Portman and be seen at parties with RINO (Republican In Name Only) Jon Huntsman, obviously it didn’t matter if I was seeing other people as well.”

Martinez’s point is that we need to admit that while the Democratic party is home to the Progressive movement, many in the Republican Party, if not the majority, are progressive as well. He delves into his trajectory to libertarianism in the 2012 presidential candidacy of former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. Johnson, who ran for a short time in the Republican primaries before becoming the Libertarian party’s nominee, is described by Martinez as “a big picture guy who wanted to fix the economy, get us out of the war, and respect the privacy of people to live their lives as they wanted to as long as they didn’t interfere with the peaceful existence of other people.” Martinez also states that he contends that social conservatism is similar to progressivism in that, in the end, it tells people what to do with their lives. His “dirty little secret” was silently rooting for Johnson over Romney because Johnson spoke more to what conservatism actually is, rather than Romney who just seemed to fake it for votes.

Author and philosopher Ayn Rand also serves as an integral component in Martinez’s new-formed worldview, in the sense that “she was against communism, socialism, and big government in bed with crony capitalists who work with government to rig the market.” However, according to Martinez, conservatives don’t like Rand because “she basically didn’t buy into the religious right stuff, where they try and get their personal beliefs into every political or social decision. She viewed that as coercion.”

Essentially, from the crony capitalism to the fright in standing up to the Left and all-around progressivism, Martinez makes the case that the libertarian movement is a far more suitable choice as a home to conservatives than the GOP.

You can buy Martinez’s book on Amazon.

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