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Book Review: ‘Open Borders Inc.’ By Michelle Malkin
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Michelle Malkin is a public speaker, columnist, news contributor, and bestselling author who has dedicated her career to exposing corruption at the highest, and often the lowest, points in government. In her latest book, “Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction,” Malkin goes in-depth into the power brokers, politicians, activists, and religious leaders who are doing their best to keep the American borders open to anyone and everyone who wants to come through, even if they are a danger to themselves and to others. Not a single celebrity, community organizer, or lawmaker is safe if they have crossed the line.

Like a laser beam, Malkin exposes the players who are fighting immigration reform to make sure that immigrants come in at an alarming rate. Social justice protesters want a cause to rally around. Corporate bosses, from New York to Silicon Valley, want to keep the cheap labor pouring in so they can keep wages low. The religious Left wants to bring in people to fill their pews. Democrats want to continue bringing in voters to keep themselves in power. She leaves no stone unturned when calling out those who would risk the lives of American citizens to keep their coffers full. 

One of the most interesting things about the book is Malkin’s boldness. She has no problem naming names. While most writers dance around a suspect or drop innuendo, she lets every person know exactly what she thinks about the pandering that a person, group, or company do on behalf of the open borders crowd. Hollywood celebrities, left-wing donors, religious leaders, and even certain members of the Conservative and Libertarian upper echelon are brought to the attention of the reader – and you read scandal after scandal related to the border.  

Another sobering point in the book is the description of the victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. From public officials to ordinary citizens, the open borders crisis has lead to crimes such as destruction of property, theft, and drug dealing to much more serious crimes like rape and murder. Not lost on the reader is the mainstream media’s decision not to discuss these victims, fearing either being described as racist or to hide the crimes in collusion with the open borders advocates. Whichever it is, as Malkin notes, this does a severe disservice to the numerous victims’ families and to the communities where they lived. 

What might give the book a large impact is that it’s an easy read. Malkin avoids bogging the reader down with deep narration and focuses on relaying the truth of the situation. It reminded me of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies,” another one of Malkin’s books that had a way of connecting with its reader without overloading them with large amounts of repetitive data.

“Open Borders Inc.” is Michelle Malkin’s latest bold endeavor to keep the American people informed about what goes on behind the scenes with lawmakers, unelected bureaucrats, and their allies in the private sector.

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