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BOMBSHELL: FBI Agent Said He’d Make Sure Trump Was Never President, Texted ‘We’ll Stop It’

By  Ben Shapiro

Buried in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report – a report that found no political bias in the actions of the FBI during the Hillary investigation – is one massive bombshell: a text from FBI agent Peter Strzok to his lover, FBI agent Lisa Page. Here’s the insane exchange, circa August 2016:

Page: [Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!

Strzok: No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.


How in the world could an FBI agent – and not just an FBI agent, but a key, high-ranking FBI agent involved in both the Hillary Clinton investigation and the Russian election interference investigation – text this? And more importantly, how could the IG then find that no political bias was present in the actions of the FBI? Finally, why didn’t the DOJ turn over this text to Congress? What possible excuse could there be for that that isn’t related to a corrupt attempt to protect their institution above the truth?

We won’t know the extent of FBI mishandling of the Russian investigation today. That’s not covered by this IG report. But it’s nearly impossible to overstate the importance of this set of text messages. It lays bare the motivations of Strzok and Page, and lends serious credibility to the contention that when Strzok spoke of the Russia investigation as an “insurance policy” against Trump’s presidency, he was serious. Critics of the Republican narrative on this point (including me) have asked why, if Strzok truly saw the Russia investigation as an insurance policy preventing Trump’s election, the information didn’t hit the press until after the election? The typical response has been that Strzok and Page didn’t see Trump winning, and didn’t need to use the information.

Their case is looking a hell of a lot stronger today. This is an explicit admission that high-ranking actors in the FBI saw preventing Trump’s presidency as paramount. Barring some highly damning information demonstrating the full legitimacy of the Russia investigation, this text from Strzok to Page could and should completely destroy whatever faith that America still had in the legitimacy of the Russia investigation.

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