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Blue States Are In For A Mass Exodus

It turns out that people hate living in blue states, where lax drug laws, tight gun control, socialist taxation, and liberal social circles make the place uninhabitable. According to The Daily Caller, three major blue states lost a record number of citizens in 2016-2017.

New York saw the worst exodus of people, with about 190,000 residents fleeing from July 1, 2016 to July 1, 2017, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released last week.

“New York’s domestic out-migration during that time period was about the same as it was in the same time 2015 and 2016,” reports The Daily Caller. “Since 2010, the state’s outflow of just over 1 million residents has exceeded that of every other state, both in absolute terms and as a share of population, according to the free-market think tank Empire Center.”

New York has largely made up for the mass exodus through an influx of international immigration and “natural increase,” with 73,000 more births than deaths in the year. That puts their net population growth at about 13,000.

The same could not be said for President Obama’s home state of Illinois, which has now dropped from the fifth to the sixth-most populous state in 2017. The fifth-most populous state is Pennsylvania, which swung red for Trump in the previous election.

According to the Illinois Policy Institute, approximately 115,000 residents of the state moved elsewhere between 2016 and 2017. Worse still, the state has lost nearly 650,000 residents since 2010. As The Daily Caller notes, Democratic policies are only making it worse.

“Illinois’ domestic out-migration problem has become a nightmare for lawmakers, who must find a way to solve the worst pension crisis in the nation as the state’s tax base shrinks year after year,” reports DC. “Illinois’ Democratic-dominated legislature has tried to ameliorate the situation with tax hikes, causing even more people to leave and throwing the state into a demographic spiral.”

Orphe Divounguy, chief economist with the Illinois Policy Institute, told the Chicago Tribune that Illinois will have a tough time paying the bills if the trend keeps up.

“As people leave the state, they take their pocketbooks with them. That means there are fewer Illinoisans to pay the bills,” Divounguy said. “It’s worrying because if you have a declining population and a declining labor force, you will for sure have a further slowdown of economic activity going into 2018.”

The once golden state of California lost 138,000 residents. Like New York, it has weathered the storm by having the largest influx of international migrants.