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BLM Leader Shaun King Buried With Criticism After He Threatens Black Female Writer With Legal Action

The walls are closing in on race hustler Shaun King.

The Black Lives Matter leader and former New York Daily News columnist has been hit with mounting criticism from the Left for allegedly “exploiting black bodies” and trying to silence black critics with threats of legal action.

The initial onslaught against King began after the activist posted a tweet Wednesday threatening Clarissa Brooks, a self-described “black queer” writer, with legal action over a deleted tweet wherein she questioned King about funds King allegedly raised for Cyntoia Brown, a Tennessee woman recently granted clemency after serving 15 years in prison for a murder she committed as a juvenile.

“Are folks going to hold Shaun King accountable to money he ‘raised’ for Cyntoia? Or is that going to disappear as well…” wrote Brooks in a tweet posted January 7. She later deleted the tweet.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: I have secured a four person legal team,” posted King to his 1 million-plus Twitter following, tagging four lawyers. “Talk s***. Crack jokes. Critique me. But when you post fabricated claims like this, you are in clear violation of the law. And we are fighting back.”

King posted in a subsequent tweet: “Another false claim has been retracted. This one, from [Clarissa Brooks], hurt. Spread across the Internet and took on a life of its own. It’s still spreading actually. I never even raised money for Cyntoia Brown. Never touched it. Never managed it. Had nothing to do with it.”

Brooks posted a lengthy statement in response to King, followed by a simple tweet reading: “I say all of this to say f*** [Shaun King].”

“I corresponded with King today, 1/16/19, after he repeated that he and his team would pursue legal action if I did not apologize to his liking. Less than ten minutes from that correspondence, he posted my social media on every platform and has strategically used his following to doxx and harass me online,” the statement reads in part.

“I stand firm in my beliefs and will not be releasing an apology. I will not be made to bend to his will for the sake of his ego,” Brooks added.

In the wake of the aggressive King post, journalist Earnest Owens claimed he, too, had been threatened by King with legal action.

“This week, [Shaun King] has sent me multiple emails, with several prominent Black lawyers attached, threatening legal action if I didn’t immediately retract previous posts I’ve made about him. I personally find this to be a form of intimidation as a Black journalist,” posted Owens in a Twitter thread on Wednesday.

“I want other journalists and activists critiquing [Shaun King] to be aware of this in the event that they will be found online and emailed similar information,” he added in a follow-up tweet.

Social Justice politicos, journalists, and activists alike were quick to slam King for his aggressive move against Brooks and his apparent past sins against the black community. (H/t HipHopWired)

“Somebody should tell Shaun King that his house better be in order, because if he’s suing over an allegedly defamatory tweet, any defense lawyer would have a discovery FIELD DAY if even a quarter of the allegations against him are true,” wrote Rewire News’ Imani Gandy. “Is he ready for that smoke? I doubt it.”

“So Shaun King, a protester of the states treatment of Black folk is now using the same mechanisms to harass and intimidate a Black woman,” criticized activist and journalist George M. Johnson.

“Shaun King is one 23andMe away from this all being a wrap for him. He need tread lightly,” a subsequent tweet said.

In a video, activist and writer Preston Mitchum encouraged likeminded folks to support other leaders as opposed to King. He captioned the video: “Shaun King is a terror. I mean exactly what I say. For far too long, he’s used bloodied Black bodies for retweets and calls it ‘information,’ he’s targeted journalists and young Black women attempting to him accountable. This is a disgrace.”

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