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Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Claims ‘Double-Standard’ For Capitol Hill Rioters
HOLLYWOOD, CA JUNE 7, 2020: Patrisse Cullors is one of the three co-founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. She participated in the peaceful march in Hollywood, CA today Sunday June 7, 2020. Thousands of people participated in todays peaceful protest against police sparked by the death of George Floyd.
Francine Orr/ Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

According to Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, whose organization spearheaded a string of riots throughout America this past summer, the rioters at Capitol Hill were somehow treated differently than those in the BLM movement, even though police opened fire and killed an unarmed woman inside the building.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Cullors said she was “disturbed” by how police apparently reacted, saying that “white supremacists” stormed the Capitol without consequence.

“I’m really disturbed by how far we’ve allowed white supremacist violence to reign in this country. And I was the most disturbed by the double standard. I’ve spent the last 20 years being a protestor, a community organizer, and, in the last seven years, supporting and helming the protest movement that is called Black Lives Matter, and we’ve experienced military, National Guard, militarized police, rubber bullets and tear gas at protests which are largely peaceful and protests that are talking about racial injustice and the fight for Black lives,” she said. “And so, to watch mostly white people, white men, storm the U.S. Capitol with no consequence or accountability was shocking. We have to come to terms in this country about who this country truly protects and who it does not.”

“It’s all very clear that what we witnessed on Jan. 6 for the better part of the day in D.C. was not just white supremacist terrorism, but also law enforcement allowing for these white supremacist terrorists to run amok in the nation’s Capitol,” she continued. “Witnessing the confederate flag being raised was both ironic but also reality — plain and simple — which is that this country is still dealing with its origin story, which is an origin story of white supremacist violence and the symbol of that white supremacist violence is the Confederate flag and it has been for a very long time.”

With that said, Cullors stated that the election results prove that “things are changing,” celebrating Raphael Warnock’s win in the Georgia runoff election.

“Right before white supremacists stormed the Capitol, we got the first Black senator from Georgia, Raphael Warnock,” she said. “We got the first Jewish senator since the 1880s from a Southern state, Jon Ossoff. Change is happening. It happens often slowly and it happens especially in this country with a significant amount of white backlash. We have to be prepared for it. History has shown us time and time again. While it was disturbing and shocking, it was not a surprise.”

As The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh noted, the media and the Democrats have been working around the clock to ensure that the rioting on Capitol Hill on Wednesday is made to look somehow different than the rioting committed by BLM and its supporters over the summer.

“It is argued that the BLM riots were a different sort of thing because, for one, the rioters were not fueled by conspiracy theories but by valid concerns over police brutality,” wrote Walsh. “Also, as the argument goes, they were targeting private businesses and not government buildings. Of course, both of these arguments are wildly off base. I’m not convinced that any rioters — whether the ones this summer or those in the Capitol yesterday — are motivated by anything other than a savage desire to destroy purely for the thrill of it. That is why I oppose rioting in all its forms, because it’s illegal and destructive, and also because it is fundamentally nihilistic.”

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