Blindsided By ‘The Blind Side’: Here’s What Actually Happened With Michael Oher


There are some movies that just really pull on your heartstrings. “Remember the Titans,” for example, is one of those movies. It accurately portrays how far America has come in terms of race — without saying things are perfect. “The Blind Side” is another feel-good movie, not because it was about racial struggle, but because it was about racial harmony. The Tuohys were in a circumstance to help people, and they made a huge impact on Michael Oher’s life simply because they took time to care about him. 

Michael Oher came from a troubled home; his mother was an addict and when his father died, Oher was left penniless. He would stay with classmates’ families — until he met Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy. Oher said in past interviews that they made him feel like he was a part of their family. Eventually, they decided to make him a part of their family, so they put him in a conservatorship because he had aged out of adoption. The movie was not only a success because of Sandra Bullock’s portrayal of Leigh Ann Tuohy was so powerful that it earned her an Oscar. But the movie was a success — earning over $300 million at the box office — because of its emotional storytelling; it made people want to aspire to do more with their lives. 

I remember when I watched this movie, I thought about my childhood because throughout my entire life, there have always been people who have helped me. We always had food on the table in my family and our needs were always met, but the reality was that I had two busy working parents. There was a young, Irish, middle-class family who lived down the street and did so much for me. I would go there every morning to have breakfast, and the mom would take me to school, pick me up, and take me home. Experiencing that kindness might have been part of the reason why I became so attached to the story in “The Blind Side.” It is a movie that shows you never know who is going to help you. There is no light cast on racial issues and tensions; it’s just a feel-good American story. 

As we know, we cannot have nice things in America anymore. We were all blindsided to learn that Michael Oher is taking the Tuohys to court. To court. He has filed a lawsuit claiming that Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy tricked him into making them his conservators rather than his adoptive parents nearly two decades ago. The Tuohys have denied they kept the conservatorship a secret, and they say they are devastated by the allegations, part of which includes that they profited handsomely from his story. According to TMZ, they are claiming that Oher demanded a $15 million payment from them and threatened to go public. They didn’t give him the $15 million, so Oher has filed a lawsuit because he says he was taken advantage of and didn’t make any money from the film, despite its success.

Oher’s conservatorship is not like the Britney Spears-type conservatorship by any means. Since he was already 18, it was necessary only because adoption was not an option. The Tuohys needed to enter a conservatorship with Oher in order to make him a part of their family. It allowed them to make legal decisions for him, like sign contracts or school forms. But Oher is now claiming this was wrong, even though he acknowledges in his own book that they sat him down and explained why they were entering into this conservatorship. He’s somehow wrenched that entirely from his memory and all of a sudden feels duped.

Now there seems to be a financial dispute, because Oher is claiming he never saw one red cent from the movie. According to legal filings, the Tuohys and their two birth children each earned $225,000 from “The Blind Side,” plus 2.5% of the net proceeds. Sean Tuohy himself says he’s only received $60,000 to $70,000 in royalties over the years — not a lot of money. The Tuohys’ family wealth comes from a conglomerate of fast food franchises they sold for more than $200 million. Interestingly, the Tuohys have said they put money in Oher’s conservatorship, but he just hasn’t touched it. Likely, he hasn’t used it because he’s earned over $34 million as a pro NFL football player. This means, Oher is concerned about $225,000, at most.

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To believe Oher’s version of events means believing that despite the Tuohys’ abundance of wealth, they conspired to meet this athlete who they had no idea would make it to the NFL and had no idea he would write a book that would be turned into a movie, all so they could steal a couple extra $100,000 from him, which are conveniently sitting in his conservatorship. That is foolish. It’s sad, but it’s incredibly foolish. Placing him in a conservatorship, picking him up from his mother’s house (just like the movie showed), allowing him to live in their home, taking him to practice, making sure he got into a good school — everything the Tuohys did, they did out of their hearts. There is no question about that. They were just good people who cared about him and loved him as though he was their own son. 20 years down the line, he has turned his back on the Tuohys.

Unfortunately, what is happening with Oher is the same thing that happens all the time: Black Lives Matter has rotted people’s brains. Oher made it to the NFL, and he’s seen the media and their black versus white messages. Now, people can’t even see their friends the same way. We now see these stories about people who have been friends for decades but they no longer so much as talk because the black friend woke up one day and realized their white friend was actually racist the entire time because the media told them so. It’s media brainwashing that America is existing under, and it’s causing us to go backward as a society. Michael Oher’s lawsuit is a perfect example of just that. He has quite literally gone backwards, turning beautiful things in life into villainous events. He’s taken a family who acted out of the goodness of their hearts and turned them into villains.

I guarantee Oher likely had an entire cast of characters around him that supported this. He got married last year, and he probably had his wife’s full support — as one does when married. When you’re married, these decisions aren’t made by just one person. He probably has friends who told him the Tuohys did him wrong, treated him like Britney Spears, withheld movie money from him, used him. Eventually, this all just probably started to make sense to him.

Instead of examining his life and the beautiful blessings he has received, Oher is destroying one of the most crucial relationships he’s ever built in his life. He’s destroying a relationship that brought him the life he has today, aside from his talent — but talent will only get you so far. You still have to apply to school, for example, which he probably never would have done without the Tuohys. But he is not looking at any of those blessings because Black Lives Matter has rotted his brain. Now, this feel good American story that brought us all closer is being tainted by a lawsuit that he is not going to win. He will win in the form of the Tuohys saying they will acquiesce to Oher leaving the conservatorship because they are not attempting to control him or his decisions. They have already filed that they want the conservatorship gone. I’m sure they do after he’s done such a horrible thing to them, to the people who cared about him.

What a horrible thing to do to a couple who loved you for no reason other than the fact they felt a connection to you — and wanted to love and care for you. Shame on him. He should drop this legal filing immediately and adamantly apologize to the family for everything he’s done, including the $15 million payment he wanted before going public.

Shame on you, Michael Oher.


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