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Blaze Media Founder Glenn Beck Explains Switch To Daily Wire’s ‘Morning Wire,’ Slams MSM

"Today's new giant is 'Morning Wire.'"
Television personality Glenn Beck speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, U.S., on Friday, March 1, 2019.
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck announced Monday that he has switched sources for his morning news updates, from the left-leaning New York Times to The Daily Wire’s daily news show “Morning Wire.”

“I started my day w/ [The New York Times] for year. I just cannot read or listen to the propaganda anymore. D’s [Democrats] are not always right, nor R’s [Republicans] always wrong. ⁦[The Daily Wire]⁩ is my new AM must,” Beck announced Monday. 

“Excellent, clear and fair,” he added. “GREAT JOB DW.”

“‘Morning Wire’ is true to itself and the truth,” Beck told The Daily Wire on Monday night. “It is what it says it is, without shame or masks and it is fair. It does not deny reality nor asks the listener to deny their eyes or ears.”

“Corporate media ‘knows’ they are smarter than their audience and I believe looks down on those who disagree,” he continued. “I have always believed that if you respect your audience, you will never be shocked at what they actually know.”

What triggered Beck to make the final jump from the Times to “Morning Wire” was “the quality and consistency of the podcast, great writing, and presentation,” he said.

“The average American would be shocked that a group of reporters at the high level of skill of the DW team – can and do work hard to tell the truth every single day,” he said. “The good guys are not always on the Left, nor are the bad guys always on the Right.”

“We need a parallel economy,” Beck asserted. “It seemed like a daunting task in 2010, everyday a new giant arrives on the scene. Today’s new giant is ‘Morning Wire.'”

Beck is no stranger in helping create this “parallel economy.” He was one of the first conservatives to venture out and create alternative media from the mainstream.

“One of the reasons I left cable news and started the first streaming network was because I knew, looking at it from the inside, that the traditional model would no longer work,” he told The Daily Wire. “It was a big leap of faith as [former Fox News chairman] Roger Ailes had told me that the Internet was more of a phase or fad than a replacement for the existing systems.”

“Remember, back in 2010, the only people that were attempting live-streaming at scale was MLB and The Blaze,” he explained. “We had to convince people that you should put up with the buffering problems as the content would be worth it. In some ways, it was a hard case to make as Fox hadn’t lost the vision or Roger Ailes and the mainstream media had not yet fully exposed themselves as nothing more than a propaganda machine.”

“Now they have,” Beck stated. “Not only are they exposed, but around the time of the Kavanaugh hearings, they doubled down, or as I predicted in 2009, ‘They will take off their masks as they are dying to tell you who they really are.’ Now they have proudly and arrogantly proclaimed that they know better than the average citizen. They are not only revealing themselves as propagandists for the Left and giant global corporations, but they are clearly now at best, Marxist and revolutionary apologists.”

“The day I believe was the grave marker for mainstream media was the day CNN and CNBC wondered aloud why Telsa stock was going down,” he said. “Once they found out it was because Elon Musk was smoking pot with Joe Rogan, they wondered who Joe Rogan was. Completely out of step and cloistered in their towers debating their own high priests.”

“The economy sucks, how do you know? Check your account after you have shopped for meat, milk and gas. Afghanistan was not the way all wars end, how do you know? Read history. Schools are teaching CRT and just because you rename it, it remains true to its ultimate goals. Let me say it in a way NPR would understand: a rose by any other name is still a rose,” Beck said.

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